Fuzzy plans

I’m off on Monday to the Lakes. This has been brought forward slightly, so the planning is a bit more fuzzy than usual. I was interested to read that Chris Townsend doesn’t do detailed planning for his long treks. While I’ve always been quite flexible during a trip (my influence on the UK’s weather patterns is legendary), I’ve usually had a quite detailed plan of where I’m going.

This time I’m aiming to walk up Eskdale, possibly Scafell Pike, along the Glaramara ridge and back up Langstrath. This will be a comparatively gentle walk as it looks as though it will be quite hot. I’m putting together gear at the moment.

It looks as though the base weight will come in under 8kg, but it depends on electronic and photographic gear. I wish I had my Duomid, as I could be knocking on 7kg, and it would be ideal for this kind of weather.

Two bits of new gear will be on test. First is the portapow USB charger that John Hee featured. This looks like a great bit of gear for charging my iPhone. I used it to charge my iPhone with two ordinary alkaline AA batteries last night. It did so very quickly. The batteries got quite hot. I tested them for charge at the end and I suspect I might be able to get another half charge out of them. I’ll test it with lithium batteries next.

The other bit of gear that should arrive today is POE Ether Elite 6 sleeping mat. I was interested that Chris Townsend had chosen this for his next trek out of all the mats he tested for TGO. While I really like the NeoAir, I don’t like the grippy surface, hence my silk cover. The Ether appears to have a smoother surface. 

The short NeoAir with cover weighs 360g. The Ether Elite is around 400g (it will be interesting to see whether the manufacturer’s weight is accurate!). For 40g more, I get a full length mat with good insulation around the all important torso area. While I don’t mind sleeping on short mats, it can sometimes lead to a pain in my knees as I’m a side sleeper.


4 thoughts on “Fuzzy plans”

  1. Ether is sweet. Got mine as a present on Father’s day. Inov-8 320 will give you happy feet and the mat a sweet nights sleep. Have a fine trip in the wonderful Lakes.

    1. Go for the POE Ether Elite 6. Brilliant but if you are taller than 5’9″, you may need the large.

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