What’s this?

OK this is a bit mad. Last time I was in Scotland I used Dry Walker waders for stream crossings. I really liked them but they are a bit Heath Robinson. On the TGO Challenge forum, someone was looking for waders but Dry Walkers are no longer available. There was a helpful reply pointing to a US company called Wiggy’s that makes (amongst other things) lightweight waders for fisherman. I was intrigued.

The Dry Walkers are fine but essentially a large plastic bag with a sole reinforcement. These are proper shaped waders made from lightweight nylon with rubber soles and seam sealed. They also go to the top of your thigh. The weight is a very reasonable 299g per pair, compared with 258g for the Dry Walkers.

I couldn’t resist them, so I ordered some a few weeks ago and they arrived on Monday. The US dollar price is a reasonable $60, but postage, VAT and handling charges pushed the price up to a totally stupid £80. However they should last for a long time.

I know there’s now going to be a shrill chorus of “why bother?” On my first two trips to Scotland I forded rivers using trail shoes. I wasn’t so bothered by wet feet, but I was bothered by how cold the water was. I found that it was making me rush stream crossings and making them a bit more dangerous. Last year, the Dry Walkers were brilliant. These little (big) babies should be even better.


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