One pot to rule them all

OK, enough of economics and Apple, let’s get back to gear. Last week I took delivery of an Evernew 640ml titanium pot from It is slightly smaller than the Snow Peak Solo large pot that I have been using, both in height and diameter. The reason I bought it was, unlike the Snow Peak,  the Evernew has volume markings (200ml, 400ml), longer fold out handles and a superior lid. With this pot, it is feasible to use it as both a pot and a mug, whereas the Snow Peak was slightly too large and the lack of volume marking made it a bit hit and miss for rehydration.

 As you can see from the pictures above, I’ve made a cosy for it, so I can keep that all important cup of tea hot. I really like the long fold out handles. The shorter ones on the Snow Peak tend to get hot, so I have to remember to use a cloth to pick it up. On the Evernew pot, the long handles are less likely to get hot and they have a silicone sleeve as well. The handle on the lid is also much better as it stands up.

I can fit a 110 gas cartridge inside or a stove and folding spoon/knife easily. My MSR mug and cosy also fit inside if I wanted some luxury in taking a mug as well. All in all, I really like this pot and can see it being my “go to” cooking pot.

13 thoughts on “One pot to rule them all”

  1. One pot to rule them all? Nearly. The Evernew Pasta Pot has the edge I reckon. Better mug-like handles and a proper spout tip the balance for me.

    All Evernew pots are top quality though. The finish is fantastic and the cold press manufacturing leaves a lovely smooth, easy to clean surface.

    1. The Evernew is only 1mm less at the lip but the lip is more prominent so the usable pot diameter is slightly less . It nests inside the Snow Peak up to the handles. Height is 106mm for the Evernew and 119mm for the Snow Peak. Wt (with lid) 89g vs 107g.

  2. interesting… Ive been looking at this pot recently myself and just yesterday emailed backpackinglight, querying whether the DX stand will fit into it… here’s hoping

      1. fantastic, although I think my mind may be changing again… quite fancy the pasta pot now… decisions decisions

  3. Anyone got any ideas on getting rubber handles for my MSR Titan Kettle…? Currently a spurt of water from the platy does the job but it seems less than ideal…

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