Ding dong

There’s a right old ding dong going on at OutdoorsMagic about the suitability and durability or otherwise of Inov8 footwear. It almost compels me to choose my Roclite 320s for my next trip just to see what I think.


9 thoughts on “Ding dong”

  1. A row on OM what next!!!. on the 320 I can say you will be pleased. Well I am as worn all trips this year and doing fine. Maybe the issues Inov-8 are facing is quality control on the factory side. My sole on the new 310 seems less grippy on rock than my last pair. Who checks the factory in production is keeping up standards. Or will it be a case of they use to be good but not anymore.

  2. An interesting thread over on OM, but–and as is often teh way in forums–I got the impression that people (some of them, at least) wrongly imagine that there’s a definitive answer to the question posed in the header.

    We’re all different. Our feet are different shapes, we are different weights, we carry different weights, some of us stamp around whilst others place their feet more delicately, some peeps walk on grassy surfaces while others do a lot of road walking, some peeps walk mainly in dry conditions while others enjoy splashing around in bogs… etc etc etc. I therefore don’t think it’s surprising that any given brand of shoe works for some but not for others.

    I’ve been happy with Inov8s, on the whole. I did have the peeling sole problem on two pairs of Roclite 315s, but I haven’t had it on my Terroc 330s, Terroc 308s, Flyrocs or Mudrocs. (Hope I got all those numbers right… *g*)

    I keep wearing them partly because I’ve got that annoying Morton’s toe thing (my second and third toes are both longer than my big toe) and I find that Inov8s fit me, where other brands don’t. The most important thing to me is to find a trail shoe that actually fits. Having found one, I’m willing to have to replace it a little more quickly than I’d prefer. Better that than squeezing my feet into something indestructible that gives me pain and blisters. There may well be other brands out there that would fit, but at £60+ a throw research quickly becomes very expensive.

    When we’re talking about using Inov8s for walking as opposed to running, I’ve long wondered wehther they don’t last as long as people might like simply because they’re not actually *walking* shoes. I believe that some models are marketed for walking now, but they weren’t initially. I’ve been using them for walking since 2005, and I only tried them out because I already had them for hill running.

    Isn’t tramping along for 12+ miles a day with a 10kg+ load on variable surfaces a bit different from scampering over grassy hills dressed in nothing heavier than shorts and a T shirt, in terms of the burden it places on the shoes? I’m no scientist so perhaps it isn’t different, but common sense suggests to me that it is.

    1. More heat than light! At the moment I have found my 320s good unlike the Terrocs, which I found uncomfortable. Clearly I have to use them in the hills to get a proper view!

  3. For what it’s worth, I’ve just added comments on my positive experience of Inov-8’s (Terroc 330’s & Roclite 370’s) to the Outdoormagic discussion. amazing the varied experiences folks have had – I guess because our feet/bodies are all different, a la PW!!!

    1. Inov8 do appear to have had a quality control issue, which has exacerbated any problems. Let’s hope they solved it.

  4. The picture of those Terrocs on that thread are mine 🙂
    As I have said they are good shoes, comfy and my feet don’t get too hot when walking in them.

    But for me they did wear away far too quickly, durability of the sole has to be the worst of any shoe i have owned. And then they split :-(. And i can’t say Ive had any shoes split on me before. At 12 1/2 stone i’m not chubby either so that not the reason for the poor durability.
    I think maybe the design of Ino8’s is closely linked to people feet, and if you dont get a good fit, you’ll get increased wear. Next time (if) I’ll go for maybe half size smaller.

    Despite all that I very nearly went for some Roclites this time round.

    In the end I bought some of those fancy new Scarpa alpine cross. But from the little ive used them so far(just mincing round the house) the tongue seems to have too much padding. Water won’t be as quick draining, Oh and their sizing are weird, there’re in Euro sizes. eg 44, 45.

    1. I had a pair of the original Terrocs and didn’t like them. They rubbed my ankle and the tread wore down unbelievably quickly. I then had a pair of F-lites which I didn’t like. However the Roclite 320s seem much better. The sole unit does seem more robust. I’ll take them to the Lakes in a few weeks and see how they do. Inov8 appear to be their own worst enemy with poor quality control.

  5. You can always get some of the new Inov-8 Evoskins if your 320s don’t work out Robin; much much lighter too.

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