Featherweight undies

I mentioned that Rohan had introduced some interesting lightweight clothing recently. I ordered an Ultra T-Shirt and Boxers, which arrived yesterday. They are ridiculously light at 62g and 37g respectively. The material is very fine and silky. As a spare pair of undies, they are ideal. Whether the material stands up to much wear and tear, I don’t know. I had some of the original Rohan silver T-shirts which were twice the weight and liked them.  I wore them today and they seem very comfortable, similar to silk in feel. I’ll take them to the Lakes next week and report back.


3 thoughts on “Featherweight undies”

  1. Being out and about I had the change to look through the new lightweight clothing in my nearest Rohan shop yesterday. The Elite trousers do look pretty impressive – a just on the fabric side of silnylon in feel, weight and thickness. No noticable russtling when scrunching a handful of leg. £80 seemed a bit steep and, luckily, they didn’t have my leg length anyway, so, likewise, I came away with T-shirt and undies…

    1. Even an impulse buyer like me is baulking at £80. The undies are more in line with competing products.

  2. I had never heard of ‘Rohan’ up until th other day having read this post. I wanted to check some of their gear out but as usual I guessed finding a stockist would be hard! Yesterday, driving through the top of town in Guildford, I noticed a ‘Rohan’ shop! I’m going to check it out sometime especialy the wind tops they sound interesting! Same day I was in Sainsburys reading a franchise magazine and opening the magazine randomly ‘Rohan’ advertisment came up! Is something telling me to buy one of these garments! Oh no, not another jacket!!!!

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