While a significant proportion of backpacking blogdom is off to Scotland for the TGO Challenge, next week I shall be heading to the Lake District. Originally I was going this week, but for various reasons I had to delay. At the moment I have two plans: a preferred plan and a back-up plan. Next week is the Keswick Mountain Festival, which may impinge on my plans, in which case, I will go somewhere quieter.

As some have commented in relation to the TGOC, the weather looks a little cool, so I am pondering gear choices. I will be taking the Scarp 1 definitely. I shall be returning to Paramo as well, which should be well suited to the conditions. The key thing to remember is tea bags!


8 thoughts on “Planning”

  1. A fine dramatic picture from the lakes that you’ve captured! Wainright would be proud!

    My Vasco has been getting some use and in fact today the heavens look like they’ll be opening later on!

    Are you going to take your Vasco to the Lakes?
    I’m off to Keswick late May so the weather may be cooler than expected! My Vasco may get some uise there too!

    I too shall be thinking about the tea bags!

    1. I’ll probably take my Third Element. I was lucky to capture one of those magical moments!

  2. Good luck Robin. I hope the weather stays fair, but i’m sure you will have a brilliant time whatever. Lovely picture BTW. Is it looking down to Buttermere ?

  3. Hi Robin,There is a small possibility that I may be up the Lakes myself next week-Our paths nearly crossed towards the end of last year-You were on your way back from Patterdale I think it was just as I was travelling up there. Anyway,perhaps you could E Mail me closer to the time to let me know of your route and planned overnight stops.It would be nice to meet up with you for say one night.Cheers JEFF

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