The Evernew has landed

I received my Evernew DX Stand and Titanium Stove today. It actually arrived yesterday but was delivered to a neighbour as I was out at the time of the delivery and our neighbour brought it over today. Unpacking them you are struck by how small they are, particularly the DX and how well made they are. I also ordered a Vargo Ti-Lite to complete the set.

I skived off doing a bit of decorating this afternoon to have a play. I filled the Ti-Lite with 330ml  of water. Using about 45ml of meths I brought it almost to a rolling boil but not quite. Although there was a bit of a breeze, I didn’t use a wind shield as I wanted to see how it coped. Quite well was the answer. I used the Power Plate and it certainly seemed to work.

Total burn time was 7.5 minutes. There was a little bit of soot on the underside of the Power Plate and the pot. The flames were quite powerful and a fair amount came out of the side of the DX, so I’d be pretty cautious about cooking inside a tent. I’d certainly consider having a wind shield as well. Below is a little slide show of my test.


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The big question is whether it converts me to meths. I think the answer is probably not. I like the convenience and controllability of gas. It also means I can cook under cover. If I was using a tarp or single skin shelter with plenty of clearance I would use it. Also if I was taking a day walk where I wanted a stove for a brew. I think it is also handy as a backup stove if gas supply is uncertain. I’ve not tried the wood burning option, but that also appeals in a Ray Mears kind of way.

It is also dirtier than gas. I had to wipe off a bit of soot, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The other limitation is that I would need two boils for an evening meal, one for the food and one for a cup of tea. Not a major problem as it cools quite quickly but more of a fiddle than gas. It’s a super bit of gear and I’m glad I bought it. There’s a real pride in owning well-engineered gear. It won’t replace gas, especially for longer trips, but it does give me another option. At some stage I’m going to get a tarp and I think I would be more tempted to use it then. Thanks to Bob and Rose for your efficient service (and the Skittles!) and well done for securing distribution for a great product.


9 thoughts on “The Evernew has landed”

  1. I’m not surprised it hasn’t converted you to meths, 45ml to almost bring 330ml of water to a boil is pretty dire by any standard although to be fair you didn’t use a foil windshield. I think a windshield is a must with any meths burner but the design of the Evernew does tend to suggest that an additional windshield isn’t really needed.

    To be honest I was actually surprised when you said you’d bought one as it really doesn’t look like an efficient set-up used as designed.

    When it comes to meths simplicity is the key IMO and if you intend to dedicate a specific pot to use with it you might as well make a cone type windshield to suit the burner and pot of your choice, that’s the most efficient way to use a meths stove in my experience.

    1. To be fair it was in quite an exposed position and in the field I would use a wind screen is there was a breeze. The attraction for me is the compact design and versatility. From what I’ve read the burner is not the most efficient. Clearly if efficiency was the only criteria then the Caldera Cone system seems the best. I think this will be an occasional stove rather than my main system. I would carry it in addition to gas if I needed a backup. The weight and particulalry the bulk (or lack of) is attractive.

  2. The thing I noticed is that the burner looks like a copy of the Trangia burner but does it have a sealed cap or do you have to empty out the meths when you have finished.

    1. It is similar to the Trangia but it has two rows of holes. There is no snuff ring. Unlike the Trangia you cannot store meths in the burner and you need to let it burn out. The advantage of doing this is that the meths is completely burnt so there is no residual meths smell. I might get a Trangia burner and experiment though.

  3. I think my concern about the Evernew is that for me a meths stove is a primary means of cooking rather than a back up. While the Evernew appears to be well made it’s very expensive and as a result I’d be expecting it to offer a significant advantage over other commonly used meths stoves.

  4. A Trangia burner would offer 2 advantages over the Evernew burner, that type of burner works best if it’s pretty well filled, they don’t work as well if you want for example to simply measure out 10-15ml to make a cuppa. The Trangia can be snuffed out and secondly the lid can be screwed back on saving unused fuel, you can’t effectively do that with the Evernew and trying to reclaim unburnt fuel even if you could snuff it out would be pretty messy if it was even possible. The downside of course is that a Trangia burner is heavier although it could be argued that a brass burner will pre-heat more effectively than a titanium one and if intended as a back up would possibly negate the need for a fuel bottle.

    I mentioned on Fenlanders Blog that unless you intend to actually use the pot stand/shield as a woodstove there isn’t much point in carrying it as you really need a secondary foil windshield anyway and a basic potstand would be just as effective, cheaper and possibly lighter/more compact and offer increased stability.

    It’s something of a coincidence that you decided to re-visit meths, I ordered a GoSystem Fly (ti) gas stove but unfortunately they’re out of stock and won’t be available until July!! It seems as though GoSystem are onto a winner with this one.

  5. It’s great set up – I have one myself, but I use the Trangia Civi burner.

    I too think that the Titanium burner will not be as effective for the brass one, but I have nothing to compare it with.

    I will concur that a foil or aluminium wind shield makes a vast difference overall.

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