Rohan lite

When I first wore Rohan clothes they were cutting edge lightweight gear using new fabrics and esoteric styling. When the company was sold they drifted to a more conservative mind set, becoming increasingly oriented towards travellers rather than walkers.

Even so they have been early adopters of certain fabric technologies like silver impregnated base layers. In the latest catalogue they have a couple of items that will interest lightweighters.

Their Elite trousers weigh just 200g. Their old Essential trousers (which I have) weigh 369g. Montane Terra pants weigh 354g. So the Elites compare favourably, although they are rather expensive at £80.

More reasonable is the Ultra Silver T base layer at £30, weighing a measly 60g. My lightest base T is the Berhaus X-static at 122g. The Montane Terra T is 130g. If the weight is true, then they are half the weight of competing base layers.

The Windshadow jacket also looks interesting but is a bit heavier than competing wind shells at 220g, but has more features.

If you prefer to be a bit more conventional in style, then Rohan is always worth a look.


5 thoughts on “Rohan lite”

  1. those links don’t come through on the rss feed, and I was having a hard time believing you didn’t include a link to their site.

    But you did. so good. 😀

  2. The Rohan lite looks more like a trendy urban street jacket opposed to an outdoor garment for the hill. The sort of thing that you’d pick up at NEXT etc. I like the large open cuffs that look like they can be rolled up.

    I wonder if anybody has any reviews to add?

    I’ve been using my Marmot Driclime Catalyst lately having just returned from croatia. It was put to good use in some rain and gusty conditions up in the high little towns dotted about Istria. The wind and water protection was superb! Thoroughly recommended.

  3. I used to love Rohan in the early days and agree that they were cutting edge. They lost their way a bit but do seem to be trying to fight their way back. A lot of their gear does look very expensive though.

  4. Well, I have an Ultra T, Mens medium, which weighs 65g. It’s definitely the lightest t-shirt I have. As far as durability goes, it seems ok, but I’ve only done about 8 days backpacking in it so far. Not sure I’d pay the price though – £25 (mine was a present). If they only had them in the sale, i’d probably buy a few, but it’s always the case, that the things you want are never in the sale! The Elite trousers look interesting too, but also not at that price (£80). I also noticed that they now have a Cool Ultra T, which is supposed to be slightly lighter – anyone tried these?

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