Moving to the dark side

I haven’t cooked on a meths stove for over twenty years. My last experience was the Optimus Trapper. A great stove, but used gallons of meths and weighed a ton. Although I’ve thought about it, and George very kindly gave me a White Box stove, I’ve not had much inclination to get involved with meths (probably because I’m teetotal).

However, Bob’s latest toy, the Evernew Titanium DX combo, piqued my interest. An extremely lightweight meths and wood burning stove appeals, especially as the meths flame is quite contained and looks reasonably safe to cook in a porch. I don’t know whether I will become a convert, but the simplicity and flexibility is attractive. There’s a detailed review on Fenlander’s blog, if you’ve not seen it.

Anyway, I’ve ordered one, together with a Ti-Lite mug for a pot. The reason for ordering the Ti-Lite as well is because the base will get blackened with meths/wood smoke and I didn’t want to spoil my Snow Peak Solo. Also the Evernew seems to fit nicely into the Ti-Lite. I suspect for most trips gas will still be the best, but you never know, I might become a meths head yet.



5 thoughts on “Moving to the dark side”

  1. You have moved to the light side and the right side. Gas = bad and meths = good. You cannot convince me otherwise!

    1. Thanks, good overview. I’m not sure I’ll be using it in a Scarp porch though! One advantage the old Optimus Trapper had was a very contained flame, so cooking in a porch was safe.

      1. Agreed.

        I was thinking the same about cooking in the porch of my MSR Hubba Hubba.

        But on a more practical note, it’s just 50g fits in a cup and when I walking for just a day or out with the camera its great for make a quick brew without all the fuss.

        I’d be interested in hearing you remarks on how it works with the Ti burner.

      2. I would be more happy to use it under a tarp or single skin shelter where there’s plenty of room.

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