Scarp crossing poles

The crossing pole attachments on the Scarp are a bit fiddly. Not one to shirk a challenge, I think I’ve found a useful mod to help. Instead of using the plastic clip supplied, I’ve added an Alpkit clipper mini karabiner. To stop metal rubbing on metal, I wrapped the apex of the clipper with a small piece of tape. Total extra weight: 25g. I’ve not tested it yet, but I see no reason why it should not work. Using the gate on the clipper should be much easier than the plastic clip supplied.

5 thoughts on “Scarp crossing poles”

  1. Instead of using tape, what about using shrink-wrap tubing? Not knowing the additional weight it would add but it would be neater and would cover a larger area. I have seen it in yellow and that would make them a bit more visable at night. Just a thought.

    1. I’ve used shrink wrap on tent pegs and it tends to wrinkle on the inside of curves. Good thought, though.

  2. Robin, your ‘biner clips seem too much extra weight for me. But I like the idea. All of my guy lines use Tarptent plastic clips and LineLoc tensioners. I may change out the plastic clips for VERY tiny (“mini-mini”) ‘biners if I can find some. Mayhbe NiteEyze makes some.

    My initial thought was that the plastic clips were sacrificial to protect the tent from ripping at the attatchment points.

  3. Obviously a bit late to the party, but regarding the cross-over pole clips. I saw on a YouTube video that they looped the grosgrain over the pole and then the mitten hooks seem to clip onto the grosgrain, rather than on the poles themselves.

    Anyways, saves me a bit of weight with the lack of crabs.

    Thanks for the other tips though, very useful, my only gripe is that I can’t find 2.5mm yellow cord that’s reflective too, so I’m stuck with the red stuff which clashes a bit with the yellow pole sleeve !



  4. I remember when I first put up my Tarptent with the extra crossover pole, I thought that the clips on the end of the ribbons actually clipped to the pole. I thought what a crap design. Then I realised that it was the ribbon itself that went around the pole and the plastic clip secured to the ribbon. Then it made sense and it’s always worked well with no need to modify them.

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