Bruised toes

Apologies to those of a delicate disposition, but this might be a useful post for others suffering the same condition. I have Morton’s toe (or syndrome), which means my second toe (and indeed third) is longer than my big toe. This could be a function of my Celtic origins (most of my family come from Cornwall). Other theories are that it is a Greek or even an Asiatic trait.

I seem to be quite lucky as it’s never caused me much bother. However, I can suffered from bruised toes in walking boots. My Salomon Fastpackers have been brilliant in almost all aspects except that they bruise the second toe on my left foot and third toe on my right, producing a discoloured nail on each to after a couple of days. This is not particularly uncomfortable or painful, just annoying.

I was in Superdrug the other day when I spotted a potential solution. In the foot section (where else?) there was a soft gel toe protector. This is like a small sock that goes over the toe and protects it from pressure. The inside has a gel lining and the outside is a washable fabric. After cutting to length, they fit perfectly. I’ve tried them on a couple of shorter walks and they seem to be comfortable. Whether they will prevent bruising or not, I don’t know as I’ve not used them for long enough. However, I’m reasonably confident they will help. If you suffer from the same problem, you might want to try these. They were two for £5.


5 thoughts on “Bruised toes”

  1. Now I never knew there was a name for it – my wife just accuses me of having monkey toes!!! Sounds like a useful tip – on a long hike the first sign of fatigue is usually a sore middle (long) toe…

  2. I never new I had a “syndrome”. I thought I just had weird box shaped feet. Feel somewhat less special / unique now.

    Can sympathise with the bruised toes – I’ve just started ensuring my walking boots are all a full to a size and half bigger than my normal shoes. This also helps with the width fitting.

    I’m of Scots / Irish / Italian descent so I’d agree with the Celtic connection.


  3. How strange. I thought having a long big toe was more of a handicap! The grass is always greener. At the end of a hard day, my big toe has usually taken the brunt of it so I always get shoes with a roomy toebox. Anything else is a recipe for agony sooner or later.

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