More Scarp thoughts

Static electricity: I’ve noticed that after unpacking, the inner and outer tent cling together with static electricity. Presumably this is generated by the materials rubbing together through packing and unpacking. This is a problem with the roof panel as it eliminates the air gap between inner and outer. Incidentally, this is an issue I had with my Akto as well. The easy way to eliminate this is to wipe one or both surfaces with a damp cloth, which discharges the static. I use a microfibre cloth that I keep for wiping off condensation or mopping up spillages, but a J-cloth is just as good.

Crossing pole clips: I’ve been thinking about the clips for the crossing poles as these are a bit fiddly to put on and particularly take off. I think the solution is to use some Alpkit Clipper mini karabiners. I’ll put a bit of tape around them to stop metal rubbing on metal. The extra weight is about 25g. I reckon they should do the trick. I’ve just ordered some from Alpkit.  I’ll probably take the crossing poles on my next trip to the Lake District in just over a week’s time and report back.


3 thoughts on “More Scarp thoughts”

  1. hi would these be long enough to do two corners of scarp 1 ? CL605/P1. Trial pack of 2mm Dyneema Guy with Mini Line-Lok®. 2 x 2.5m lengths. – £4.58 (inc VAT ta peter wish the post would hurry up

    1. Probably enough to just do the corners but not enough for my guying system. Why don’t you leave it and see how you feel about the guys supplied?

  2. guess i will wait but like the idea of only needing two pegs at each end so i can use other two for hoop possibly ? ta peter

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