Pillow talk

For such a small and simple item, a comfortable lightweight pillow has been very difficult to find. For the last couple of years I’ve mainly used the Ajungilak inflatable pillow. Although reasonably supportive and comfortable, the valve stopper has a habit of coming loose and the fleece cover is a bit noisy when you move. I’ve tried filling stuff sacks, the Mammut pillow and an Eagle Creak pillow but the Ajungilak pillow has been the best of a poor bunch.

Exped have now entered the fray with a new air pillow. It weighs almost half the weight of the Ajungilak pillow 85g vs. 145g. The fabric has a lovely soft texture. There are two valves, one for inflation and one for deflation, both of which seem very secure. I’ve not slept on it yet, but it feels very good. It’s moderately firm and supportive, but soft to the touch. At long last I feel I’ve solved the pillow problem. I bought mine from Ultralight Outdoor Gear.



6 thoughts on “Pillow talk”

  1. What a coincidence.I visited High Sports in Shrewsbury today and was looking at the very same Exped pillow.I was immediately impressed by the small packable size and low weight.It was no use,I couldn’t resist the temptation to purchase this item along with a small first aid kit and silk sleeping bag liner.The chap at the shop gave a positive reply to my request for a discount and knocked me 10% off the bill.I can only hope that this new pillow will do the job and give me a good nights sleep .It’s no use at all in being light and small if it isn’t comfortable.Looking forward to hearing how the Scarp performed on your recent trip.

  2. ..and I’ve also been on the look-out for a pillow and was put off the Ajungilak by the poor reviews. I actually bought a £2 version from Tesco’s last week in desperation but the Exped looks rather tempting!

  3. I have also been disappointed by the Ajungilak pillow. First the strip holding the stopper to the inflation tube snapped. Then the tab for gripping the stopper came off, and I now have to use my teeth to extract the stopper. It will soon be lost or fail to do its job. Also, the tiny zip which encloses the inflation tube is now very sticky. All this after only about 40 nights of use.

    I’m surprised you were bothered by noise. Did you try placing the pillow unside the cover you made for your NeoAir?

    1. The noise is an irritation more than a bother. As you say, it’s not very well designed, but, until now, was the best of a bad bunch.

  4. I’m another one disillusioned with the Ajungilak pillow, it now resides in the retired gear bin. I often go without a pillow on overnighters but I’ve also recently got a 33g FlexAir Dual Compartment pillow to try out in the future.

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