Carneddau April 2010 photos

I’ve uploaded a selection of photos from last weekend’s trip to the Carneddau on Picasa. Hope you like them. I’ll do a proper trip report and some gear reviews in a few days.

Carnedd Llewelyn


6 thoughts on “Carneddau April 2010 photos”

    1. It really is a great place for a short wild camping trip. Plenty of good places to camp, wild country, great hills, walks can be as easy or as challenging as you like, easy access and safe parking.

  1. Clear weather photos – there’s a thing. A superb area for backpacking and pitching (although Llugwy on a fine weekend wouldn’t have been among my preferences!).
    Where is this safe parking?. You don’t mean that car park up in Cwm Eigiau?.

    1. Perhaps you know different, but it seemed to me tha Cwm Eigiau was pretty safe as it’s a long way from anywhere. I guess the flip side is that it’s quiet.

  2. Maybe they’ve cleared away the broken car window glass now, I didn’t look last time I passed by. I certainly wouldn’t leave our car there.

    1. I’ve used it quite a few times over the years and not encountered any problems but perhaps I’ve just been lucky. It struck me that it is a long way to go to commit a crime and there’s enough traffic from walkers that it would induce some uncertainty for a thief. In the Lakes, I’ve always parked my car at a camp site, never in a public car park.

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