I’m back from the Carneddau and there wasn’t a drop of rain during the whole weekend. I’m too tired to write anything this evening but rest assured there will be a plethora of drivel forthcoming over the next few days! To whet your appetite here’s a couple of photos I took this morning with not a bit of gear in sight!


A tree on a rock


7 thoughts on “Returned”

    1. If I had stuck to my original plan on Saturday our paths might have crossed but I had a migraine so I kept low.

  1. My headache was caused by the blazing sun and not enough hydration (the downside of bladders – I mean the water utensil type – where you’re never sure how much you have left). You don’t expect sunburn in the first week of April! In fact you don’t expect the sun at all in Wales!

    1. I used factor 50 and still got a bit of a tan! I think the migraine was more to do a lack of tea (forgot tea bags) and my transition to the leisure class.

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