Carneddau April 10 3.1

Strong evening breeze abated and by midnight it was quite still and the hazy clouds disappeared to reveal the stars. Amazingly no condensation in the Scarp. Thankfully migraine almost gone. Morning picture.

— Post From My iPhone


2 thoughts on “Carneddau April 10 3.1”

  1. Thanks for your reports, what are you using to blog on your iphone? Migraines can be a real challenge, I often get them on the second or third day of a trip and put it down to “too much exercise” having sat around a lot at work. I think it is your body telling you that this is too much too soon, take it slowly.

    Looking forward to a full report

    1. I’m using BlogPress after Darren’s recommendation. It’s OK. A bit quirky. It takes a long time to post with pictures, but that’s as much a network problem.

      I’ve never suffered such a long migraine before. Over the years I’ve just tried to work through them. It’s unusual to get one on a trip, though. I’m still processing giving up work, so that may be the issue. Also going without tea didn’t help.

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