Whisper it softly

I know my influence on weather patterns has been a bit of a standing joke recently. However, at the moment, the weather forecast for the weekend looks quite good.  Mainly settled with some sun. The only downside is that the Scarp and new wet weather system won’t get a work out. Friends often look aghast when I tell them that I don’t really care what the weather is. I enjoy the variety. For me, a bit of bad weather is half the fun. At least in this country it’s always changing, so if the weather is bad one day, you can usually count on an improvement, even if it is temporary, the next day. Just to show that I’m not a jinx, in May 2008, I spent five days in the Cairngorms with no rain whatsoever. Well, that’s not quite true. There was a very brief, light shower for five minutes while I sat on the platform waiting for the train to go home. Here’s the pictures to prove it.

Corrour Bothy and Cairn Toul with not a cloud in the sky!


7 thoughts on “Whisper it softly”

  1. I’m heading for the same area on Saturday afternoon, together with two sprogs to tow me up the steep bits. Fingers crossed for all of us with respect to the weather…

    John Green

  2. Hi,

    just take a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.
    (Only joking)

    Friday morning my daughter and I are off to Anglesey for a camping and fishing weekend.
    When I go camping the sun always shine’s.

    Looking forward to reading all about it when you get back and hopefully some nice pictures.

    Take care and have fun.

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