Web cams

Twiddling my thumbs at work, I thought I would have a quick look at the Ogwen web cams as I will be up there the weekend after next (sorry no links as I’m typing this from my iPhone). Yesterday it was quite clear. Today the cam facing Y Garn is a total whiteout. The one facing Capel Curig showing some serious snow. I guess it will probably melt over the next week or so but I may take my Kahtoola Microspikes if the snow is hanging around. It’s quite handy to have these cams to check on conditions. I’m also enjoying Mick and Gayle’s K2CW walk. Sounds like a bit of a grim day today.


6 thoughts on “Web cams”

  1. Looking back at the day in question, I wore both my Buffalo mitts (which have magical qualities of warmth, even when damp) and my overmitts for the entire day. Problem is that once my hands are that cold even the warmest gloves will struggle to warm them (no good having insulating stuff to keep the warmth in if there’s no warmth to be kept in to start with!).

    Definitely the coldest day of the trip so far. It’d be good if it became the coldest day of the entire trip, but given the conditions in Scotland, I suspect that won’t be the case.

    1. I’m lucky as I don’t generally suffer from cold hands. Possum wool is rather luxurious though. Hope the weather improves for the rest of your trip. Mind you, next weekend could be dodgy as I’ll be in North Wales!

      1. I’d be grateful if you could keep all of the storms very local to you in North Wales! Hope you have a good trip – and at least a bit of good weather between the rain.

      2. Weather forecast is for a sunny Friday. Not sure about the rest of the weekend tho’

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