Twilight zone

I find myself in the twilight zone at the moment. I’m at work but not required to do anything in particular. I’ve read the papers and most of The Economist. It’s a strange existence. I’m not used to aimlessness. I’ll have to find something concrete to do tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Twilight zone”

  1. Yeah a common experience, in your last days in a job you seem to lose focus and the company does not have any use for your services, but they cannot tell you to go home. Strange

  2. I’ve been in a similar sort of limbo since Sun was acquired by Oracle, we’re not yet legally the same company so they still can’t tell us what to do, this has been ongoing for nearly 12 months now, thanks to the EU interfering.

    At first you find ways to keep yourself busy, but we’ve been idle so long now that when someone does ask you to do something, you react like they’ve asked for your firstborn. It’s a bad place to be, no motivation and no end in sight 😦

    1. Really sorry to hear that. At least my inactivity is temporary. I’m in for the next two days, then a week off and will only have to return for the odd day in the next three months. Hope your situation improves.

  3. I’ve got my last day at work tomorrow and am being run off my feet trying to get everything sorted out. It’s terrible how all the things that i’ve put on the long finger over the last couple of years are coming home to roost now.

    Looking forward to a little inactivity on Thursday!

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