Economically inactive

You might have noticed there’s not been much activity lately on this blog. About four months ago, the company I had been working for was taken over. After eleven years of working for one company, the new one was quite a culture shock. I’ve struggled for the past couple of months, becoming increasingly unhappy and stressed.

Today, I gave up the struggle and resigned from my job. While there is some sadness, there’s also an overwhelming feeling of relief. A number of my former colleagues have already gone and I guess I won’t be the last. Fortunately, I won’t be on the streets selling The Big Issue. I’ve been pretty cautious in my career and built up some savings. As befits an economist, I’ve modelled my finances and I’m OK. Not rich but OK.

I still have some loose ends to tie up, but I shan’t be working full-time again. After 30 years of work it will feel odd. I have some plans to try to get some non-executive directorships, doing some community/charity work and possibly doing another degree. I’d like to become the world’s expert in something, not tent mods, before you say it! Most of all I want to spend some time with my family.

So, this is a new chapter in my life. I will have a lot more time for backpacking and blogging. Why “economically inactive”? Well if you don’t sign on, then that’s how you’re classified and I shan’t be signing on!


23 thoughts on “Economically inactive”

  1. Quite a step you have taken there, Robin – Congratulations! I sincerely hope that it works out well for you, and that you’re able to get a nice non-executive directorship position, which allows you to go backpacking and spend time with the family.

    And “economically inactive” sounds a lot nicer than “unemployed” =) Good success!

  2. Have enjoyed reading your blog, on outdoor items, tent mods and even the economic comments! All the best for the future.

  3. Community/charity work? I like that. Can lead to paid and rewarding work. I have meet many a support worker who use to work in the city and gave it all up. One door closed and another will open. Life work balance is important and family time essential. Good for you Robin and all the best for the future.

  4. It can be a little scary at first but it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I quit after 35 years of working hard all my life for a High Street Bank-always working all the hours under the sun to meet sales targets just so the fat cats at the top could pick up their obscene bonuses and get even fatter and look what all of that led to!I now find that I am far more relaxed and can devote much more of my time to the things that really matter such as family and hobbies including walking and football.I now work a couple of days a week in a little News Kiosk and am far happier.Good luck for the future.

  5. Welcome aboard. It will just get better and better once you get beyond the “work habit”!

    Besides, walking and backpacking become a lot more affordable once you are no longer working. 🙂

  6. Hi Robin,
    stress free is the way forward, wish I could make the same move!!

    Unfortunately being self-employed with a youngish family, forty something and in my working prime the machine of life has me by the bollock’s at the moment.
    Getting out in the wild’s packpacking and planning for my next trip, offer me some serious stress relief.

    Look’s like your new Scarp 1 is going to get plenty of use this year!!!

    Happy day’s and all the best in your new life choice.

  7. A bold step but a rewarding one I’m sure.
    I took the opportunity a few years back when voluntary redundancy was up for grabs, I figured they wouldn’t offer a package like that again and I jumped in.

  8. The only redundancy coming my way soon is likely involuntary.

    All the best with this opportunity! – You’ll needs to stop buying new tents 😉

  9. A significant step Robin, and no doubt a lot of thinking went into this plan. No doubt you will have a less stressful life and be able to indulge in leisure and work items that you want to do.

    Bets of luck for the future and I am looking forward to hearing about your walks, and other activities.

  10. No good luck message as I’m sure you won’t need ….but just to say CONGRATULATIONS! Look forward to starting a new chapter in your life which will undoubtedly be rewarding in so many different ways.

  11. Good for you in getting out, we work to live not the other way round. If a job stresses you out then it is not worth it. I got redeployed the week before Christmas after being in the same job for 5 years. I hated the new position, secretly applied for a new job then quit. It does feel good!

    Lots of time for backpacking and test that Scarp to destruction (well not quite literally!)

    1. I am extermely fortunate to be in this position even if the last four months have been very unpleasant.

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