Cheap space

I am amazed at how much the price of external hard drives has fallen. I’ve just ordered two Western Digital 1TB drives for under £60 each from Amazon. I’m going to use them for offsite storage for backups. Dave (Red Yeti) made a good post about offsite backups. At the moment I’m not keen to use a web-based service, so I’ll back up to an external hard disk and rotate the disks to somewhere safe.

Currently my entire computer is backed up to my home server, which I bought primarily to store my CDs (about 450 ripped so far) but that is no protection against a fire. I will also transfer copies of my ripped CDs as a backup, hence a disk large enough to cover all eventualities. As Dave says, how would you feel if all your pictures were lost. I’m now in extreme disaster planning mode!


6 thoughts on “Cheap space”

    1. I’ve got some of my pictures on Picasa but they are a smaller size than originals. Backing up the whole computer seems sensible.

  1. My image directory is currently around 250gb so hard disks are the only option.

    However whilst I store them in triplicate they are all within 2 feet of each other so it wouldnt even take a very big fire to wipe a decade of photographs out.

    I do have some older stuff on DVDs round other peoples houses but do need to move one disk at least off site.

    Working in IT systems administration youd think I already would have lol

  2. I use iPhoto, but it ain’t perfect. Picasa for photos, where you also can upload the original size, just takes longer.

    My girlfriend uses Adobe Bridge to sort photos, and that works like a charm. Might need to “borrow” her copy.

    Funny that you write about this just now, I was looking last week at external HDs and nearly bought one, as I updated my OS to Snow Leopard. Nearly only, because the HD I wanted was sold out…

  3. I use carbonite to keep our laptops backed up offline – it seems to be an absolutely superb piece of software – no hassles, no aggro, not intrusive, just does the job. Keeps multiple versions of files too. When my wifes laptop failed I did a complete restore after it was fixed – perfect.

  4. Very glad the post has prompted some disaster planning. Just hope you never have cause to use it!

    Agree that Picsa isn’t a good backup option. Even uploading a full resolution it strips the colour profile (duh! why do they do that?).

    @Dave: 250GB works fine online! I have over 70GB uploaded currently (and a few more for a client whose backups were a bit… unreliable). It might take a while to get up there but since only changed/new upload, once you’ve done the bulk of it the data’s as safe as it’s likely to be.

    @Jerry: Very glad you found Carbonite worked on the restore. I couldn’t get along with it when I tried and the odd restrictions it had (has?) on file types I found bothersome. It at least demonstrates what I like about online backup – “hands free” – no remembering to do… anything 🙂

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