NeoAir cover

After my brief attempt at political commentary I’m back to gear and tweaks! The NeoAir has been a transformational piece of gear, giving superb sleeping comfort at a very low weight. I think it has been a game changer for sleeping mats. The Exped Downmat still gives the most comfort but for a much greater weight.

The one thing I’m not so keen on is the very grippy top surface. I tend to move around a lot in the night. The NeoAir means that my sleeping bag doesn’t move with me. I tend to move within my sleeping bag, meaning that I can’t use the hood effectively.

My workaround is to have a “pillow case” for my NeoAir. I’ve taken a silk sleeping bag liner from, chopped a bit off and added a velcro seal. Well, actually my mother did the chopping and the sewing! And here it is:

The white strips are the velcro.

The silk case weighs 93g and feels luxurious, much nicer than the tacky feel of the NeoAir. It will add a little bit of insulation, but more importantly, it will allow my sleeping bag to move with me in the night.


7 thoughts on “NeoAir cover”

  1. If often admired the Neoair, I’m just not convinced about the durability [purely based on web reports], especially given my 17+ stone weight.

    Unfortunately Cascade Designs don’t appear to have rated/published the max weight they can cope with…

    1. Difficult to know how durable it is. Certainly the Exped Downmat seems much more robust. As long as it is kept away from sharp objects and not used as a trampoline, the NeoAir should be ok. It amazes me how comfortable and warm it is.

  2. I’m really shocked as to how light it is & how small it packs down, coming from a short Trail Lite (the green Thermarest) at 560g & a stuffsack big enough to use as a pillowcase! Durability is a concern of mine (12.25 stone) as well…

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