The bigger the lie

Backpacking blogs should probably avoid politics but the impending election has filled me with trepidation. We can all have different opinions on social and foreign policy. However, one thing is crystal clear and incontrovertible, Gordon Brown’s economic legacy is as best disastrous and at worst catastrophic. I don’t know how this man has the gall to suggest that his record and character make him fit for re-election. As an economist, apart from keeping us out of the euro (done to thwart Tony Blair), my judgement of  Brown’s track record is that it has been appalling. His record of broken promises was starkly outlined in a recent Jeff Randall article. Even accepting an element of political bias, it makes for grim reading. This is the man who wants your trust. Surely people won’t vote for this incompetent, egotistical bully? Gordon Brown’s recollection of his record and prowess reminds me of the Big Lie technique. Surely anyone has to better than Brown?


18 thoughts on “The bigger the lie”

  1. I was going to comment, but it turned into a rant about all of the things wrong with the UK. So I won’t foist it upon you. I posted it here instead.

    Click at your peril…. ;-P

    1. And you trust the SNP after Beauly Denny and Trump’s Aberdeen stitch up. Salmond is as bad as the rest.

  2. “I don’t know how this man has the gall to suggest that his record and character make him fit for re-election.”

    Re-election? I don’t recall his being elected by either the party or the people. He was TB’s parting-gift to the Nation, the gift that keeps on giving… excuses.

    Sadly, we only get to vote for the parties. I think that our having a subsidiary vote to express our preferences for party leaders would be a great step forward, but it would never happen in a democracy…

    Anyway, he’s a Scot. The Scots have their own parliament, he should work there instead of here.

  3. And this is why there should be an independent Scotland. The English can do as they please and we’ll look after our own affairs.

    @BG! Until independence occurs, a Scot has every right to govern the UK, no matter how badly he does it.

    Holyrood has no tax-raising powers or input on defence and foreign policy. Should the elected officials representing the people of Scotland have no right to input on such matters?

    1. I’m not judging Brown as a Scot, just as one of the most disatrous leaders of the last hundred years. I would be more than happy for Scotland to be independent if they want to be as long as they take the share of national debt that Broon has saddled us with.

    2. @Fraser:

      I do accept and approve of the rights of Scots to “serve” (???) at Westminster. Are those rights reciprocated – can an Englishman elected to an English constituency be an MSP?

      Oh, and I’m in favour of us getting our independence from Scotland, it’ll make the Calcutta Cup matches that bit more “edgy” 🙂

    3. By the way, this is in no way an anti-Scot thing. If he was Welsh I’d recommend his appointment to the WAG.

      I suppose the acid test is to determine whether Mr. Brown is Scottish or British.

      Render unto Caesar…

  4. Independence is the only solution. I think it would make everyone get on a whole lot better and put and end to the underlying resentment on both sides.

    I think some of the Westminster Scottish MPs abstain from voting on legislation which only affects England and Wales. A hacky workaround, but until the people of England have their own parliament and we have full independence from Westminster, I’m not sure if there is a better solution.

    There is no anti-English thing on my part either. England is a great country in many respects. My mum is a Yorkshire lass, my sister was born in Sheffield. I just believe the Union is an outdated, broken relic of a bygone era.

    1. Ironically the Act of Union was to bail Scotland out of bankruptcy. I think most people south of the border would not stand in the way of Scottish independence. I think the English are heartily fed up with being slagged off by SNP politicians as the source of all Scotland’s problems. I love Scotland and have many Scottish friends and would wish them well. I think the Scottish parliament is hugely divisive to the concept of the UK.

      Why are SNP politicians at the forefront of wrecking Scotland’s natural beauty?

      Anyway this post has been hijacked by a Scottish indepencence debate.

      The point I am trying to make is not the Broon is Scottish and therefore don’t vote for him, but that he’s an incompetent, egotistical bully who has a very bad track record of keeping his promises and has wrecked the economy and therefore does not deserve to be elected either as PM or as an MP.

  5. Why indeed? At the end of the day, they’re still politicians.

    As much as I believe in independence, I’m unlikely to vote SNP this time around in protest at the Beauly-Denny fiasco. Which is another debate entirely.

    I can’t say I’ve ever heard any SNP politician laying into the English [At least one SNP MSP is English]. Westminster maybe, but not the people of England.

  6. So, after that brief debate, I guess we’re still all in the 5h1T…

    not redwhiteandblue 5h1t…

    not tartan 5h1t…

    but Brown 5h1t.

    Have a nice day, Fraser. Whatever you’ ve got planned, I hope it goes well. I’m off to prep the telly-chair for the Murrayfield match 🙂

    1. ‘fraid so. Politicos love to spend our money and blame everyone else. Let’s all go and get some sunshine to cheer ourselves up. They haven’t taxed that (yet).

  7. caught in a dilemna

    vote for a political party….the wrong person gets in

    dont vote….the wrong person gets in

    ie all politicians are corrupt, greedy, selfpromoting and ultimately in search of the next meal ticket

    what I want

    an end to the nanny state
    an end to scroungers on state benefits
    harsher penalties for criminals
    tighter regulation on financial institutions and individuals
    promotion of greater social responsibility and penalties for transgression of these
    investment in a better integrated transport network
    govt funded public works tied in with getting the unemployed back into work and training

    …….I could go on all morning….

  8. Well, what an interesting thread and all fairly well mannered!
    On Scotland, don’t think I’d be too concerned if they got full independence. We are all in the EU and it would be a chance to even out representation and funding as previously mentioned.
    Brown – well must agree with much that has been said. May “no more boom or bust” haunt him for a long time. I’ve never much liked him, think he probably has long been a bully, and have seen how he has been profligate (with our money) and prone to double counting and multiple announcing spending plans. The only trouble is I’m not that taken by the opposition either. A shadow chancellor apparently known as “Oik” by his friends and not someone who has impressed me.
    A hung Parliament anyone??

  9. The Union has worked well and we shouldn’t change it. Unfortunately many SNP’s are deluding the Scottish people by trying to push a new resurgence of patriotism pretending that England are stopping Scotland from progressing. Scotland is still Scotland, England is still England, Wales is still Wales, still nobody has lost their identity!

    Alex Salmon doesn’t want independence to serve the Scottish people! This is just a cover up for his own self prominence! It’s about seizing power and trying to go down in history as Scotlands 21st century William Wallace!

    We are stronger as one nation….. United Kingdom.

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