Random thoughts

What’s in a name?

So the Vaude Scutum has been re-named the Power Lizard. Out of what fevered brain did that come from? Weird!!  Anyway the new tent looks interesting and Bob C. has given it a thumbs up from a test run. It does look like competition for the Laser Competition. However, for me, the net inner is a total deal breaker. Other than for tarps, I can’t see the point of an all net inner. It may give better ventilation, but it’s not real protection against condensation dripping on you and not much protection in windy conditions. I also doubt that it’s much less flappy in a blow. It’s unfair to compare it with the Scarp as the Scarp is heavier, but I’m glad I bought the Scarp.

New boots and panties

Staying with backpackinglight.co.uk, I like the new design of the web site. It’s easier to surf around and a better layout. Well done Bob and Rose…now what should I buy?

Obscure manufacturers

Hendrik is doing a great job bringing us interviews with (mainly US) cottage industry gear manufacturers. The latest is with George Andrews of AntiGravity Gear. Very interesting. Although I’ve come across AGG (I have one of their pouch cozies), some of the other manufacturers in the series I’d never heard of. I guess it’s easier being a niche manufacturer in the US as the market is bigger and property costs are much lower. I take my hat off to these guys, as it takes a lot of effort for quite modest rewards. 


13 thoughts on “Random thoughts”

  1. The Power Lizard UL, you forgot the UL, Robin 😀 ! I already stated my thoughts on it over on Andy’s blog, so I won’t repeat myself here.

    Thanks for the link love =) I try to get an interview in with Wayne from team IO from the UK, though he’s a busy man, and I am also waiting from answers from Arklight in France. Laufbursche from Germany also will be featured soon-ish. So there are a few European cottages, but the US is still the main player in the UL community. Lets see if that changes in the next few years!

  2. The deal breaker for me was, again, a 95cm internal height. I wonder if Bob will be publishing pictures of him creening his neck to fit in? I hope that one of the suppliers has one set up at the BPC AGM at the end of April so that I can check it out.

    A mesh inner doesnt bother me. It’s draughtier than a non mesh one but has the advantage of ensuring that the dew point is at the fly not at the inner. A half and half would be an ideal but that wold involve more work, other materials which I guess equals more cost.

  3. Hi Robin, you’ve mentioned that the net inner of the Vaude Scutum (snigger), sorry I should say Power Lizard (snigger some more), is a deal-breaker. How does the inner compare to a Laser Comp, which I had imagined would be all mesh but I’ve not seen it? I’m fast approaching decision time on a lightweight tent and now there is another option!

    M,mmm, as the Laser Comp got abbreviated to LC then the Vaude must now be known as a VPL…!

    1. The LC has a solid inner similar to the Akto but has a good sized mesh vent on the upper part of the door. I notice that the picture of the VPL in the latest TGO looks as though it has a solid inner. If you are going truly lightweight you might want to wait for the MLD Solomid with a solid inner. Otherwise it is a choice between the VPL and the LC. If you are willing to accept a bit of extra weight the Scarp 1 is good. The Scarp gives you the flexibility of a winter tent as well.

  4. Okay sniggering types to story behind the name is as follows. Scutum is latin for shield. (Of course you public school types will KNOW that!) However the Germans failed to ask anyone else if there was any problem with that, (who said typical?) and when it finally was launched the UK distributors could see the forthcoming sniggers a mile off. Hastily chosen name to replace it and the rest is …er boring …

    This super fine 20 denier inner mesh business seems to be raising a few comments all around and I will be doing a video of the product shortly, so will dribble on it to see what happens! (After I’ve finished craning my neck – not) The night I spent in it was very cold and very still, with loads of condensation and I didn’t get a drop on me. It is so fine it appear to be like a gossamer material. But no doubt you lot want more information. 😉

    Yes we will have it at the Backpackers AGM for review.

    Cheers Bob

    1. Thanks Bob. Can you put some more pics up. I think it looks very interesting but I don’t like mesh inners. My other reservation is whether it is noisy like the LC in windy conditions.

  5. 95cm internal height is pretty good as these solo tents go (and it IS solo), it’s the same as the LC and 5cm higher than the Akto (and MUCH higher than the Vango Helium).

    I had to use the Search box on the Vaude site to find this product: the inner looks part-solid. I’ll try to put a link to the enlarged picture here (it’s long and might not work!):-

  6. Quote from Podcast Bob on the Outdoors Magic forum which fits with photo in the link above.

    “The inner is actually made from a very fine nylon, which I took to be a mesh. However there are only mesh panels at the head and foot and top of the door section. Probably less than 2 square foot in total. No wonder it was warm during my cold test night and all the heat ran out of it when I opened both doors”.

    1. Yes I saw that. To me, it looks as though the PLUL will still have the wind noise issue that the Comp suffers. It will be interesting to see the reviews. Overall the design looks better than the Comp. However, the Scarp is an altogether more sturdy design and the crossing poles make it a true mountain/winter tent.

      After Martin’s pictures, I am seriously considering a Duomid. Bags of space, small pack size. With a solo net inner, but without pegs, it weighs 700g. A solid inner is also on the way.

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