Scarp mods part 4

After a bit of house DIY, I decided to do my last bit of modding on my Scarp for the moment.

1) Pocket for inner tent. The pockets supplied are very small and not really good for anything. I like decent pockets in a tent. The Laser Comp had the same issue. Copying my strategy from the Comp, I cut an Alpkit Apollo silnylon stuff sack in half. This time I used a larger sack. I folded over the edges and using the Silnet seam sealant I glued them down to create a seam and a neater appearance. I considered using some velcro to attach the pocket, but in the end I just used some safety pins. The advantage of using safety pins is that the pocket can be positioned anywhere.

pocket (apologies for the dark picture)

2) Venting cords on flysheet. I was not happy with the cords supplied for raising the edge of the flysheet, which were like boot laces. So I changed them to the cord that I used for the guys. I also added a loop at the end so it could be hooked neatly away rather than dangle in the mud.

I also took a picture of the cord loop to show the revised method for venting.

Lastly, here’s a picture comparing the Akto tent footprint (dark blue) with the Laser footprint (light blue).

I’ve now exhausted my ideas for the Scarp. All I need to do now is get out and use the tent!

3 thoughts on “Scarp mods part 4”

  1. Robin, I have decent pockets in my Scarp 2 but if I need more I’ll make them from netting. I like to see what I’ve got in there so I don’t pack anything away when I pack up the tent.

  2. How does the Atko groundsheet work with the Scarp 1? I’m considering buying the Atko footprint over Tarptent’s ground sheet. From what I can see by your picture it looks like it will fit nearly perfect. Is it noisy at all, like the Tarpent’s groundsheet?

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