Rab Generator Alpine

A week ago I bought a Rab Generator Alpine jacket from Taunton Leisure. It was quite difficult to find this jacket online. I was pleased at the speed of the delivery and the delivery tracking which narrowed the delivery time to within one and a half hours. The best I’ve experienced in terms of accuracy. Well done TL!

Why buy yet another jacket? Well I wanted a belay type jacket with a hood. It had to be synthetic to cope with damp and this looked the best. Originally I wanted it in red, then black but had to settle for “Marin” which is a rather attractive iridescent dark blue. In the end I was very pleased with the colour.

I used the jacket over the weekend for a couple of dog walks as well as one journey to work. It shrugs off light rain well. The hood is quite large but has a volume adjuster and is very comfortable. The inner lining is the silkiest Pertex I’ve ever felt. Absolutely gorgeous. It has two hand pockets and an outside Napoleon pocket and an inner zipped chest pocket.

Weight is 554g for a medium. It is nice and warm and ideal as a belay jacket and big enough to slip over several layers although not too bulky. Definitely a good addition to the gear list for colder months. Recommended.


15 thoughts on “Rab Generator Alpine”

  1. Nice jacket and was on my list of possibles but haven’t seen them in any stores and Rab jackets just don’t seem to fit me well. Tracked down a Haglof LIM Barrier instead – a different beast but hoping that as spring approaches I’ll get away with a lighter jacket and can defer the purchase of a belay type jacket till next winter. The colour looks good -much better than the ‘denim’ on last years Generator smock!

    1. It’s much looser than the LIM Barrier. I specifically wanted a warmer jacket with a hood. My only moan with these types of jackets is that they don’t have pit zips, which would be useful to stop over heating.

  2. Rock and Run are selling Rab Belay jacket for £99. You can have it any colour as long as its black. Just bought one for my girlfriend but it will benefit me in that I won’t get moaned at when it’s cold.

  3. What’s the packing size, Robin? Looks like an interesting jacket for keeping warm around camp. I have the Generator Smock, which can be compressed fairly tightly, so I’m hoping the Alpine too won’t take up too much space??

    1. It’s reasonably compressable. I’ve not crushed it down but I packed it into it’s hood and it’s like a small football.

  4. Robin, I have been thinking about this jacket. I want something which is REALLY warm. (I run seriously cold.) And which packs small; I use a 50l pack for 3-4 day trips. Do you think that this would fit the bill?

    1. It is reasonably warm but not as warm as my ME Helium down jacket which is 90g lighter (but no hood). I wanted a synthetic jacket that was reasonably water resitant and could be used under a hard shell. If you want real warmth, you can’t beat down. Most of the time down is too warm to walk in.

  5. Thanks Robin. At the moment I use a PHD Minimus down jacket, with hood and DriShell water resistant outer; so it seems that your experience would suggest that I stick with it.

    I could send you pics of me walking in it, plus several other layers – I really do run cold.

  6. I have a Photon jacket and it is good. Weight I see on the 2010 version has gone up. I don’t use it backpacking. It is a handy jacket on day walks for me and walking the dog. Down offers more to me for warmth vs weight backpacking and my LIM top will be for summer overnight trips just incase it gets chilly.

    That new jacket offers you more options so it should be a good buy.

  7. I bought a ME Fitzroy a while back and it’s one of the best pieces of gear I own. Very similar to the Rab jacket – same fill, pocket configuration and wire peaked helmet compatible hood. Haglofs Barrier Zone is another alternative in the same bracket.

    For general walking the Photon and Montane Flux are worth a look, but if you fancy yourself doing any climbing or scrambling get one of the above. I think the better hood, build quality and tougher fabrics make a difference.

  8. I also managed to get a RAB recently from a company called S&P Equipment who generally deal with trade but will add on to existing orders. They do all other kind of gear like ME and Berghaus and I have got a few items from them in the past. As I am out and about a lot on the hills walking it is always good to find a source that knows what they are talking about http://www.spe33.com/climbing/index.php

  9. robin
    thinking of buying the alpine generator as a belay/pull on when stopped jacket. i walk and climb in a base layer and waterproof, and want this to throw on when stopped. i presume you have used the jacket over the winter now, how did it fair.

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