Ripping yarns

It’s been a quiet week on this blog. One reason has been that I’m in the process of ripping my CD collection to my NAS. So far I’ve ripped about 130 CDs. At a guess, there’s another 500 odd to go. I just have to keep chipping away.

A shiny piece of gear turned up yesterday. I’ll give you a heads up tomorrow. At the moment I’m still no nearer getting a trip underway. It’s looking like Easter before I can get away. If the weather is OK tomorrow I might have another go at some more modifications on my Scarp.


2 thoughts on “Ripping yarns”

    1. That’s what I’m using. On my RipNAS it comes free, but I’ve also got it on my PC. The RipNAS has a high quality TEAC CD/DVD drive. According to RipNAS it’s the most accurate CD drive. However, it doesn’t like poor quality CDs, so I rip those on my PC as the drive seems more tolerant (although it can take over an hour if the CD is poor, I’ve only had one complete failure so far). I’ll do a quick review of the RipNAS some time. Although it’s a bit on the expensive side, it’s quite neat.

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