Best title of all time?

Glad to hear that others (well two people) have heard of Quiet Sun. Mainstream contains the best title in the history of rock, in my view: “Mummy was an asteroid, daddy was a small non-stick kitchen utensil”. Brilliant! And the music is pretty good as well.


7 thoughts on “Best title of all time?”

  1. Thanks John,
    That’s my order placed for Diamond head!
    Did anyone get into the German output? After seeing Can play at Essex Uni, I built up a collection including Amon Duul, Cluster, Harmonia, Kraftwork and Faust. Then someone invented the term Krautrock (what a put down!)
    Of course if you are talking ambiant music you need to include Explosions in the Sky – hows that for a Group name? and Mogwai. Another great orchestra-lish sound came from God Speed You Black Emporor and the various offshoots.
    Well that’s well and truely classed me as a music nerd!
    Where’s my Bushbuddy??

    1. I’ve got most of Can’s classic albums on SACD. Also got Faust (So Far and IV). Some Kraftwerk. Best friend’s bro had Amon Duul. If you’ve not got it, get 801 Live.

  2. I actually checked the Album out on Spotify (I don’t buy CDs anymore, everything virtual or Vinly in this household) and quite liked it. And also my girlfriend enjoyed it, so even better! Thanks for make me aware of them!

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