Reaching back

Despite my earlier post on the death of the CD, I bought some CDs recently. I gave my record collection to a charity shop some years back. Recently, I’ve been missing some of those records. In particular, I had a record by (The) Scars called “Author! Author!”, which was a minor masterpiece of post-punk pop. Until recently, it had been unavailable on CD, but has finally been released. Despite being one of the best records of that era, The Scars had little or no commercial success and disintegrated soon after. They still sound as fresh as when I first heard them. My dedication was shown by the fact that it is the most expensive CD that I’ve bought in a very long time!

I also bought another incredibly obscure album: “Mainstream” by Quiet Sun. This is a totally awesome album by Phil Manzanera’s pre-Roxy Music group. It was recorded in between the sessions for his “Diamond Head” album. I never liked Roxy Music that much, but rated Manzanera’s guitar work as almost on a par with Robert Fripp. Mainstream is a brilliant demonstration of electric guitar playing. The rest of the group are pretty good as well. At the same time I bought 801 Live, which was an offshoot of this project and gained much critical acclaim. Perhaps I’m getting old, but I enjoy reaching back to the music of my youth. It’s surprising how fresh it still sounds.


5 thoughts on “Reaching back”

  1. Last week I was in my favourite independent music shop, Dada on Chiswick High St. I was having a chat with the guy serving me – he’d never had a CD player but has bought a turntable and buys vinyl instead.

    Linn records now sell bundles, if you buy a disc (CD or vinyl) you get the download too.

    My recent forays in the musical past have been less prozaic. Dark side of the moon on SACD… sadly I dont have the space, speakers or kit to hear in it 5.1. But I did hear a demo of it in quadrophonic, so I listen and remember the footseps running around the hall 🙂

    1. I have a SACD player but getting discs is a faff. I now have a NAS (RipNAS). I busily ripping my CD collection. It does sound better on a NAS. No real time error correction. Next step is an AVI active setup for my study.

  2. Hi,
    Just saw the reference to Quite Sun and Mainstream. One of my earlier LP purchases: now got it on CD. I agree; superb.
    Have you come across Stomu Yamashta – Floating Music, &, The man from the East?
    Now on CD.
    I was fortunate to catch King Crimson and Stormu Yamashta live.
    Robert Fripp was way ahead of his time, like Phil Manzanera. Stormu Yamashta’s music still sounds as fresh as ever too.
    Well, thanks that made a change from reading about gear etc.,
    Back to gear.
    Thanks for the Blog – I like to drop in from time to time.

    1. My best friend’s brother had a Stomu Yamashta album. I’ll track it down on Napster. Might get some Magazine albums as well 😉

  3. Bringing back some memories there! Robert Fripp, Phil Manzanera (though I did like the early Roxy Music). And Stomu Yamashta – a name I hadn’t thought about for over 30 years. Never owned any of his LPs but I do remember listening to his music.

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