On the way

My order of some more guyline for my Scarp 1 has been dispatched by Tarptent. Hopefully, it will arrive in the next couple of weeks so I can start experimenting with a new setup. I have a very tentative plan to go to north Wales at the end of February. It would be nice to have it sorted by then. I’ve also ordered some odds and ends like seam sealant and shorter Easton pegs.


3 thoughts on “On the way”

  1. I’ve had mine a week, but I can’t play with it til my birthday in a weeks time, damn it! I’m going to seam seal it before using it, Im thinking of just using bog standard clear silicone sealant from Wickes, do you reckon its similar to the stuff Henry is selling?

    1. Don’t know about Wickes but you could use Silnet from an outdoors shop. I ordered some other bits and pieces to make it worthwhile

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