MYOG pouch snug

One disadvantage of Real Turmat food (apart from the price!) is that it is vacuum packed, making it rigid and awkward to pack. We recently ordered a load of stuff from Lakeland including some of their excellent and very tough Soup ‘n’ Sauce freezer bags. This got me thinking: why not decant the RT food into the Soup ‘n’ Sauce bags to make them easier to pack. The one drawback was that the Soup ‘n’ Sauce bags are a different shape to the RT bags so I can’t use  the Outdoors Grub pouch snug that was so successful last year. So I decided to make a bespoke one for the S ‘n’ S bags. I had just the right amount of insulating material left from my pot and mug cozies. Here are a couple of pictures.

Empty Soup ‘n’ Sauce bag and pouch snug

Pouch snug over Soup ‘n’ Sauce bag

Weight is 37g against 31g for the OG pouch snug. I think the material is slightly thicker and I used heavier tape. All I need do now is organise a trip to test it!


5 thoughts on “MYOG pouch snug”

  1. How much are Real Turmat per bag where you are? Here in Norway (where they are made) they can be had for 49 kroner pr bag (39 for the breakfast porridge) which is 5.15 and 4.10 GBP

  2. That’s about the average price here too, but a chain of stores called “XXL” has the extra low price to attract customers, I doubt they earn anything from the sales. You should buy a whole pile of real turmat if you’re ever in Norway 😉

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