Three packages

This week I recieved three packages. One was my Haglofs LIM Barrier Pull-on, the second was a pair of Salomon Exit Sport 2 shoes and the third was a pair of Moutain Equipment Combin Pants (trousers in English).

The LIM Pull-on (or smock as I usually call it) is a lovely bit of gear. At 262g, it’s 50g lighter than my Berghaus Infinity smock (which is starting to show its age). It should do the job as a lightweight warm layer. I like Primaloft. Although not quite as warm as down, I feel it’s more flexible as it can be layered over damp clothing. The colour combination of dark grey and eye-popping yellow may not appeal to all, but I quite like it.

The Salomon Exit Sport 2 shoes are a bit heavier and stiffer than I anticipated. They are comfortable but the heel is slightly wider than other Salomons I own. I’m more likely to use these as leisure shoes than walking shoes I think. I would really like a low version of the Fastpackers.

Lastly, the Combin pants were a result of seeing some comments about Schoeller Dry Skin. My Macpac Alpine Pants are very good but a bit on the warm side for most occasions. I have a pair of Mountain Hardwear trousers that use Schoeller Dynamic fabric, but found them a little cold. Dry skin seems to be more pleasant to wear, but not too warm. I like them. The cut is almost perfect for me. This morning, the rain beaded off them nicely.

My only complaints are that they attract white dog hair like a magnet and that they didn’t come with elastic hem drawcords. They have some openings for some so I spent some time last night threading some spare shock cord through the hem. They are quite lightweight at 429g. I think I’ve found my ideal cool weather trousers.


6 thoughts on “Three packages”

  1. Hi Robin, I’ve had the ME Combin pants for a few months now. I really like the Schoeller fabric, its stretchy, hardwearing and in Wales at New Year it shedded the water and snow really well – I didn’t even feel the need to take over-trousers. The zipper pulls make the pockets easy to use with gloves. I wore thermal leggings under them in v.cold, snowy weather and I was plenty warm enough. My only slight niggle is that they could do with being cut a bit slimmer on the lower half of the leg and they could do with buttons or fixing for braces. I haven’t threaded a draw-cord on the hem yet – be interested to see if it makes a difference. Overall I’m very happy with my Combins.

    1. Thanks, they are an excellent fit for me. Much better than the Berghaus Equilibrium Pants I have been using. I threaded the hem cord as it can be useful to cinch down when it’s windy and to prevent gunk getting into the top of boots.

  2. Hi Robin. re- your LIM Barrier top I was just interested in whether you opted for a normal size or a size roomy enough to throw over everything. I’d been looking for a LIM barrier top for a while but they are hard to track down! Just managed to get hold of a Large which is perfect for over a fleece but wouldnt be big enough to just chuck over everything in winter (Haglofs sizes must come up small!)

    1. I have a medium, which is my size in most things. Compared to my Berghaus Infinity smock it’s a slimmer fit but would fit over a fleece but would be a bit tight over a jacket (as a belay jacket). I’m going to use it as a summer/autumn warm layer. I really like it and it weighs next to nothing.

  3. Thanks. Yes, I was wondering whether I could get away with it as a Winter belay jacket as well but it is fairly slim cut and I’ll probably get more use in Spring-Autumn. I couldn’t bring myself to order an XL and it would probably drown me for 3 seasons out of 4! I’m impressed with how light and packable it is – I can see it taking up permanent residence in my pack.

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