The waiting is over

In today’s post was a letter confirming my election to the membership of the MCC. That’s THE MCC. The Marylebone Cricket Club. Awesome. I’ve been on the waiting list for nearly twenty-five years and now I’m finally in. I can hardly believe it. Now I need to find some time to watch some cricket as well.


15 thoughts on “The waiting is over”

  1. What benefits does membership confer, btw?

    I confess that I’m not a cricket follower, but in my time I’ve been a very keen hockey player and supporter, and so I do understand the lure of the game *G*

  2. So you’re finally in, eh? I assume that you do realise that when you’re in you have to go out and stay in (with somebody else who’s gone out because he’s in) until you or him are out, at which point you or him come in and the next one in goes out…

    I’d just stay in the bar and forget about the game if I were you.

    Well done, BTW!

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