Scarp mods part 1

I’ve started modifying my Scarp 1. Today I put zip pullers on the door zips, modified the inner door tie back with a cord grip and loop, made a hook and loop arrangement for the end vents, improved the raising and securing of  the porch flysheet and rigged an internal clothes line.

1) Zip pullers. This is a very easy mod. The pullers are very small on the zips, so attaching longer pullers makes opening and closing the zips much easier. For the flysheet doors, I used some Alpkit pullers that I’ve had lying around for a while. For the inner doors, I used some loops of guyline that I had bought at the same time as the tent. If I was being a total gram nutter, I would have used the guy loops on the fly doors as well, but the grey Alpkit ones look rather good. 

2) Inner door tie backs. I wanted a more secure method of tieing back the inner doors. On my Marmot tent they use a loop and a cord grip. This is a really easy but secure method of tieing back the doors. On the Scarp, instead of string, there is a thin piece of ribbon for tieing. I used a round cord grip (from Pennine Outdoors) on one ribbon, tieing a knot at the end so the cord grip wouldn’t slip off. For the other ribbon, I doubled it back into a loop and secured it by sewing. Initially I used polyester thread but it wasn’t strong enough. Fortunately I had some nylon thread, which was much more robust. To tie back the door, you pass the cord grip through the loop and push the cord grip up the ribbon. Simple but effective. Here’s a picture, although black on black doesn’t work very well!


3) Hook for end vent. The end vents have a vertical zip and a piece of elastic, which is secured over the centre guy line. However, this means unpegging the guy. My idea was to have a hook. In order to make this work, you need to make a small loop threaded through the ribbon that secures the line lok to the flysheet. I used some hooks that I pirated from an old Vango tent. They work perfectly. Now I have an improved and more elegant system.

4) Improved means of securing the raised flysheet. The idea of being able to raise the bottom of the flysheet to aid venting is ingenious. However, the method for securing it is a bit difficult and seems to strain the material. The answer was to use an Alpkit clipper to attach the bottom of the flysheet to the clip provided. It works well and it’s no longer a strain to attach. (Addendum: I’ve now replaced the clipper with a small loop of cord)

5) Internal clothes line. At the apex of the doors there are two rings and there is a clip in the centre of the roof panel. I used a couple of Vango hooks at either end of a piece of shock cord to rig up a flexible clothes line for drying clothes, hanging a light or storage. Very useful. Sorry, no picture.

I also had a little play around with the guys at the end of the tent. I’m reasonably sure that the modification that I’m thinking about will work, but I need some more guy line and to pitch it outside. I’ll keep it under wraps for the moment, but I think it will be better than the current arrangement. I also smoothed off the ends of the Easton pegs as the sharp ends had small burrs. I also had a look at whether the Comp footprint works as a porch groundsheet. Although not perfect, it’s a reasonably good fit.

So that’s it for the moment. The next things to do are: a better pocket arrangement and the end guys.

6 thoughts on “Scarp mods part 1”

  1. what would we do without your mods Robin?

    I havent so far been able to get the new Scarp1 on account of several large bills recently but as soon as I am able to, I will be modding it in some shape or form. It was thanks to your blog that I modded my Laser Comp so successfully for winter conditions


  2. Thanks for these ideas. I still have a lot of pieces of dyneema guyline that I used for the mods on my Comp. I removed them before selling it. So Ill reuse them when the Scarp turns up. I think I have a couple of mini karabiners also for the vent mods. Just need to find some hooks. Do you have any idea where to get some?

    1. I’ve searched high and low for some small plastic hooks but couldn’t find any. It was lucky that I had the Vango hooks. You use some karabiners instead. You are going to love the Scarp.

  3. I think my Scarp should be shipped tomorrow. I really hope It does live up to my expectations. From pictures Ive seen of the Scarp are there 2 more guying points on the fly above each end of the end struts. ? If so I think I may attach guys to these when not using the crossing poles. I do like a tent with flexibility for extra guys for bad weather, something the Comp and the SL Voyager neither had without involving major modifications and cost.

  4. I love my Scarp and have done a few mods similar to those done by Robin. One major mod I had done was to sew a long zip on one of the inner’s doors in an arc from the floor at one end up to the top of the door’s centre and down the other side to floor level at the other end, I left the original zip in situ which is now redundant. This mod allows me to unzip the whole of one side of the inner and drop it to the ground like in my Lazerlite and gives much better access to the vestible for cooking.

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