New shopping bag

Today I failed to get the car to go more than 20 yards because of the snow and ice so I gave up and went to the supermarket on foot. Shopping bags were not going to be enough so I took my Exos 58. The groceries just about fitted in. I don’t know what the weight was, but it felt a bit heavier than the load I carried in the summer. I’m not sure what the  other shoppers made of me in full walking gear, but it was effective. Perhaps Osprey should add an extra bullet point to the description of the Exos 58: “mighty fine shopping bag”


4 thoughts on “New shopping bag”

  1. I always use my Haglöfs Tight Pro for shopping, I find carrying groceries on my bag a lot easier & comfortable than in hand. It’s actually quite common here in Finland, many people transport their groceries in backpacks.

    Probably the people where thinking “That’s SO smart! Why haven’t I thought about that yet?” =) You’re a trendsetter, Robin – next time you go to the supermarket everyone will be there with a backpack!

    1. To be honest I probably should use it every Saturday as it is good training and more environmentally friendly than driving. I don’t think I’ve ever seem anyone in a supermarket here with a large rucksack.

  2. i use my old gregory pack [70L] to do the shopping every weekend.good training and you use less bags and keep your hands warm in the winter.

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