MLD Solomid

Just when I thought “that is enough” out comes Ron Bell with his Solomid. I liked the look of the Duomid, but this looks even better. The Spintex version is a measly 340g. Add in the bug netting /groundsheet and you’ve got a two skin tent/tarp for 580g. It looks as though it’s got a reasonable amount of space. This is very tempting for an ultralight summer tent/tarp.


6 thoughts on “MLD Solomid”

  1. I’ve got one on order so I will let you know what I think. However, I ordered the separate inner tent. I should be just over 20oz for a double skinned shelter with pegs and guylines. In winter type conditions the inner will be left behind.

  2. I have also order an MLD SoloMid with the Inner Tent as well.

    Have the the 10 -12 Week delay to go through now!!

    Can’t wait!


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