Exped Downmat 7 long

Now I have the Scarp, potentially,  I can use a long sleeping mat. Long mats are a bit of a squeeze in the Comp. I really like my old style Downmat 7 short for colder weather. The biggest drawback is the pump sack system which is a bit of a faff. So I thought I’d treat myself to the new style Downmat long with the integral pump. Awesome! The new pump system makes it a doddle to inflate. Unlike the pump sack, it’s easy to get the mat fully inflated.  I know it’s not exactly light, but for colder months it’s ideal. I’m hoping that I’ll be out in April so I’ll probably use it then. For warmer months I’ll still use the NeoAir.


16 thoughts on “Exped Downmat 7 long”

  1. I’ve just bought a Multimat Adventure Long add that to the NeoAir and I have a very comfortable four season mat. All in weight 412g good, price even better; the down side is the bulk of a closed cell foam rolled mat. That said the new pump on the Exped is a great improvement and the R rating or TOG value is twice that of my system. Um… how many mats do I really need?

    1. I use a NeoAir with a 1.5m piece thin tent underlay closed cell foam with my NeoAir short. However, a full length Downmat for a bit of comfort camping seemed like a good idea.

  2. I just abandoned the pump sack for my Downmat 7 and I blow it up by mouth, saving significant weight and hassle. For the number of times I use it in winter it will still perform well for years.
    I thought you didn’t backpack in winter these days?.

    1. I’ve been out a couple of times in November. In 2008 it was cold and snowed. Last year was quite mild, so you never know. I do find the Downmat the most comfortable sleeping pad I’ve owned and that’s just the short version. The long one feels luxurious and I can fit it into my tent now 🙂

  3. Exped Downmat 7 Long, Scarp 1 with crossing poles, the best winter weather for years.
    This sounds like a man preparing for a winter wild camping trip!
    If so have a great time, I’m currently grounded with an aweful cold (man flu).

  4. the exped downmat7 is the mutts. Nothing comes close in winter although the neoair isnt bad at afraction the weight. With the weather lik it is at the mo, I know that if I were out the exped 7 would be the first thing in the rucksack

  5. I used my ‘Exped Downmat 7 Long’ on my LEJOG and (after reading Geoff C’s blog) have subsequently dumped the pump sack. Quite right Geoff! The thiink will puncture – seam split or whatever long beofre the down is affected by your damp breath.

    I think you save a good 200g of sleeping bag by using the downmat – and you are guaranteed an unbroken sleep. – That’s worth pounds of weight!

  6. Just used the DM7 on a camping trip when the temperature hit minus 30 C. It was literally indispensable. Probably my favourite piece of gear, like you say it’s not exactly ultra-light, but it has a tiny pack size and in Winter ultra-light is less of a viable option.

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