Scarp 1 mods

I was slightly concerned when ordering the Scarp 1 that there would be no need for modifications. However, as usual, there’s plenty of scope. I’ve already made the first one (cord grip on the end vent elastic). Here’s the “to do” list:

  1. Seam sealing (not exactly a mod, but worthwhile doing).
  2. End guys. As I’ve mentioned, I reckon there’s a much better way of doing these, but you’ll have to wait a little while to see. I also need to make up some side guys.
  3. Zip pullers. None of the zips have pullers. For the outer tent I will probably use the Alpkit ones and for the inner I’ll make up some dyneema cord ones.
  4. Inner tent door tie back. I’m not sure why Henry didn’t use the same arrangement as the outer tent which has a velcro tie back. I reckon a combination of a loop and a cord lock should do the trick (like they have on Marmot tents).
  5. Inner tent pocket. I’m sorry, these are just too small and in the wrong place. It would be best to have large mesh pockets at either end, but these are difficult to retro fit. I will use a pocket that I’ve already made from half an Alpkit Apollo bag with a velcro attachment to the outer tent. I’ll sew a matching piece of velcro at either end on the seam where the roof fabric meets the groundsheet fabric.
  6. Hook for the elastic on the end vent. I would like to use a hook to attach the elastic on the end vent to the guy line above. If I can’t get a hook, I’ll use an Alpkit clipper. This will hold the end vent open.
  7. Door threshold tensioners. I’m not sure whether the tent will need these, but they certainly eased the stress on the door zip on the Laser Comp. I’ll only know when I pitch it properly.
  8. Porch groundsheets. I’ll see if Morph at Team IO will make some especially for the Scarp. I’m a total convert to these, although I’ll probably only use one and leave the second porch bare.

That’s enough to be going on with and I probably won’t do some of them until the weather improves and I can pitch it in the garden to have a play. I’ve also thought of a number of fundamental improvements that could be made, but I might wait until I’ve tried the tent out before contacting Henry. It might seem that I’m not happy with the Scarp, but I really do like it. Most of the fundamentals are very good.

6 thoughts on “Scarp 1 mods”

  1. Seam sealing is essential as the optional pole patches have a lot of stiches, as do the roof vents.

    I’ve added a couple of friction toggles to the end vent elastics and they do the job. Putting hooks on these would make using them simpler than having to remove peg and thread guy through the elastic.

    There’s more than enough of the inner tent tie back to make a loop and turn the other into a toggle thread with a knot in. I’ve already started on this one

    Not sure what to do about those pockets though.

    1. Fortunately I have a pocket already made up for the Comp. In the Comp I attached it with safety pins as that was easier than sewing velcro on, but the tub groundsheet makes it easy to sew a piece of velcro at the join of the groundsheet and the inner tent material.

  2. I love it, just love it!

    You cant stop fiddling and tweaking can you Robin? 🙂

    In all seriousness, I think that personalising your own tent is great and makes it fit you rather than the other way around

    all the best for 2010

  3. Hi Robin

    I’m about to order a Scarp1, but I have a couple of questions before I do.

    Is your inner the solid version?

    Is it worth buying the crossing poles?

    How much did the import taxes and Customs duties cost you?

    Regards Geoff

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