Scarp 1 cost

I guess a number of you are thinking about the Scarp 1 as an alternative to the Laser Comp and the Akto, so I thought I’d give you a quick cost comparison. The Scarp 1 costs $295, which is £182.90 ($/£ 0.62) plus VAT and handling charge of £29.25, for a grand total of £212.15. A quick scan on the web reveals a range of prices for the Laser Comp of £210 – £240 and for the Akto £300 – £340. So it’s comparable to the Comp, but quite a lot cheaper than the Akto. Mine took just over two weeks to arrive, but it was Christmas post.


9 thoughts on “Scarp 1 cost”

  1. Hi, Im interested in buying a Scarp 1 is the total cost you show including groundsheet protector and extra poles, guyline etc? as I would want these extras too Cheers

    1. Basic tent: $295, crossing poles $30, Tyvek groundsheet (probably superfluous) $12, 2x6ft guys $6. Shipping was $43. So my all up cost in dollars was $386 = £239.32 plus handling/customs of £29.25, making a grand total of £268.57. So a bit more expensive than the Comp but still cheaper than the Akto.

  2. Thanks for your prompt reply, . However this has made my chioce between a Scarp 1 and a Voyager Superlite even more difficult as the prices will be very similiar when everything is totted up!

    1. I think the Voyager Superlite has a bigger inner. However, the Scarp has more flexible porch space and more flexibility in its configuration. Without the crossing poles it is lighter. If you want the extra security then the poles give you a very strong tent. Although you could squeeze two in the Scarp 1, it would be a bit friendly, whereas the Voyager is a two person tent. It depends on your priorities. The Voyager is quite a bit more expensive (£100).

  3. The Voyager can be bought for £280 delivered , so I think its comparable to the Scarp 1 cost. Im slightly edging towards the Voyager as the Hydrostaic head is a bit higher. i used to own a comp and I think the groundsheet will be the same material, am I right in thinking the Scarp groundsheet is the same as the Fly?

      1. I like both these tents but I think Ill wait for your feedback after some use. I like the simplicity of the voyager, I can split every part and pack seperately and also the fact that as its a semi geo it should withstand most bad weather. However the Scarp looks a cosier tent and with better views due to the 2 doors.
        A couple of things you may be able to clear up: How easy is it to unattach the Scarp Inner ( i used to have problems with the old Comp) and Is the extra packed length of the Scarp next to the Comp just because of the end poles?

  4. Scarp 1 ordered this morning! After a lot of thought I decided that the Voyager was going to be too heavy, Chris Townsends last review of the SL voyager stated the weight as 1.6 and then all the pegs would need replacing with ones that work so thats another 150 grams at least. that makes 1750 g. About the same as a Scarp in ‘Full Monty’ mode. I used a Laser Comp for years and liked the design idea but not the application by terra Nova. I think the Scarp 1 in its current version will be fantastic. Thanks for sharing your photos it helped me make my choice!

    1. Glad you found the photos useful and hope you will be pleased with the Scarp when it arrives. I started “modding” today and will do a post later.

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