Richard wanted to know about the pegs that came with the Scarp. Here’s a picture of the Easton pegs that came with the Scarp, together with the Clamcleat Y pegs and Vargo titanium pegs.


The Eastons weigh 15g and are 22cms long, the Clamcleat Y’s are also 15g but are 19cm, the Vargo titanium pegs weigh 8g and are 16cm. My initial thoughts are that a combination of the Clamcleat Y’s (for soft ground) and the Vargo pegs are likely to be the best.


6 thoughts on “Pegs”

  1. They are very solid, but as with all my shelters I’ve bundled a combination of Ti V’s and wires together. Saves some weight and is a smaller package. The V’s can be swapped for Y’s, or I could add in a couple of Y’s and extra guyline for the transverse hoop guying points if needed.

  2. The long Eastons are my current favourites – they just feel so secure! I’ve found that the Y (and indeed X) profile pegs have a weak point just below the head and I’ve bent a few there with mis-placed rock blows. I could just try to be less cack-handed.

    I use the Eastons on ‘important’ points, and Ti wire for the rest, plus the MSR Blizzard toilet trowel.

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