The Scarp has landed

Also in the post today was a letter from Parcel Force saying that my Scarp was at the depot and that I needed to pay VAT and a handling charge (£29.25). I tried to pay online but it didn’t work so I decided to drive to the depot to pick it up in person, given the hassles I had recently suffered at the hands of City Link.


Here it is in the box. I ordered the additional crossing poles, a couple of lengths of guy line and a Tyvek groundsheet protector, the latter, more out of interest than anything. The goundsheet protector looks like a large sheet of paper. I might use it on camp sites, but I doubt I’ll bother elsewhere.

Here’s the Scarp (right) next to my Laser Comp. The Scarp is slightly longer but slightly thinner.

As it was raining and getting dark, I pitched it in the garage (we have a big garage!). Even with the crossing poles it looks reasonably taut.

 I immediately spotted a mod I wanted to make. There are now end zips to aid ventilation. Baz commented that they could come open under stress, so I put a cord lock on the elastic. Pull tight and they won’t open under stress. I used the cord locks that came with my Mariposa BTW.

 Inside is very spacious, with better head room at each end than the Comp or the Akto.

I already have my eyes on changing the guying system at each end of the tent, which I think I can improve and have one less peg. I’m not sure I like the tie back on the inner tent, so that’s a candidate for another mod. The two pockets are hardly worth having, so that’s another mod. That’s enough for the moment, but there will be some hotrodding to do in the spring.


Tent and arch pole 1,303g, tent pegs 87g, crossing poles 345g. Basic setup 1,390g, full monty 1,735g.

Workmanship looks good. It’s a bit of a halfway house between a Comp and an Akto. It looks really solid. Unfortunately it’s unlikley I’ll get out until April, but if we get a dry spell, I’ll pitch it in the garden and have a play.


9 thoughts on “The Scarp has landed”

  1. Nice 🙂

    It looks really spacious so i’ll be interested in seeing it beside the Comp when conditions permit.

    How many pegs were supplied and will you need to upgrade them to something like Camcleat Y pegs?

    I assume you’ll add guylines to the pole arch or are they included?

    1. What is really noticeable is the extra space at the head and foot where the Comp is a bit claustrophobic. It also seems slightly taller at the ends. It came with six substantial Easton “nails”. I’ll take some photos later. They are the same weight (15g) as the Clamcleat Y pegs but longer. I think the Clamcleats would be better in soft ground. I will probably carry a mixture of Y’s and titanium pegs. It didn’t come with side guys, but I ordered two exta lengths of guy line. I’m going to try to get some more to experiment with the end guys, where I think I can improve the guying and use two pegs rather than three.

  2. Hi Robin,the Scarp looks a great bit of kit and I can’t wait to see your full test report on it.It’s very hard to find the perfect solo tent but maybe just maybe this could be the one.Anyway,looking forward to hearing how you get on with it.

    1. While it’s a bit heavier than the Comp, it’s more roomy and a lot more solid. Hopefully no more noisy nights. I think the problem for the Comp and the Akto is that the Scarp seems better than both. The Comp wins on weight, but if you want to go really light, the MLD DuoMid looks a better bet, so both the Comp and the Akto now have better alternatives. However, there are a number of tweaks and improvements that can be done that I’ve already spotted.

  3. It does seem spacious at the ends, I like the idea of having a vestibule on both sides of the inner tent for storing items that you don’t really want inside with you, my Laser had doors on both sides but only one vestibule which wasn’t any advantage for solo use. If I ever get around to making an inner tent for the Phreeranger I’d go for a rectangular inner. Although I’d have no access to the rear vestibule from outside I could put my pack there before hooking up the inner.

  4. The first thing I did with mine was to seam seal it! I like the friction toggle as a way of stopping the zip from parting, that will be on my ist of tweaks. That along with the inner tie up as you mentioned. Looking forward to seeing your the mod on the guys.

    The pockets are a bit of a waste and on reflection in the wrong place – there may be a chance of keeling on whatevers in them when getting in or out of the tent. They need to be twice the size and stitched to the inside of the inner.

    A simple small weight save is to remove the grommets from the guys when not using the optional poles.

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