Customer service

Today has been a very stressful day. Firstly we had a delivery by City Link of a couple of things that I ordered in the Cotswold Outdoor sale. My wife signed for it not realising that the parcel had been opened. It was presented to her in a way that disguised that it had been opened and a TNF Nuptse jacket removed, leaving a base layer and no receipt. A few minutes after I went to open the packet and saw the the jacket was missing. Presumably the driver had nicked it. How he thought he was going to get away with it, goodness knows.

Then followed half an hour of phone calls to City Link to try to report it. Eventually I had to phone their Head Office to get through to Customer Services. To be fair, when I eventually got through, the chap (John) was very helpful, but couldn’t sort out the problem there and then. He said I should phone Cotswold.

Cotswold were fabulous. I got through immediately. They were extremely helpful. Eventually they found the last jacket they had in stock in the right size and colour. They phoned back a couple more times to sort things out, so now a replacement is on the way. Customer service of the first order. Well done Cotswold.

I had also ordered an MSR pack towel and some Julbo Race Zebra sunglasses from Likeys yesterday and they turned up today. Excellent…except that Royal Mail had just dumped them on the doorstep in the rain without knocking. I’ve been looking for a pair of photochromic sunglasses for a while. These seem just right with good, wrap around protection and a rubberised nose bridge and grips on the arms. Cool!



5 thoughts on “Customer service”

  1. If it was the driver he really should not be driving a courier van, good that you got your jacket sorted out in the end. What baselayer did you get? I picked up a couple of Smartwool ones in Cotswold yesterday for half price, just very very yellow!

  2. Interesting, we have had experience of many couriers, usually mixed, but CityLink is the only one that over the years has been consistently exemplary!. You never can tell, it’s all down to individuals in the end. Anyway I imagine the packages are subject to pilfering at several points in the shipping chain.
    Good to hear it was sorted.

    1. It depends on the depot. The one that serves us has a bad reputation. A friend of mine had a laptop stolen. Customer services at Cotswold also appeared to be less than impressed by their experience with CityLink.

  3. HDL once left a package containing a £300 camera on our doorstep despite a laminated sign telling couriers not to do that as stuff goes missing. Amazon, from whom I purchased the camera were great & sent another one Special Delivery in time for our holiday, no questions asked. It’s alarming how much stuff I’ve had go “missing” – the police will soon be knocking on my door…

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