Windows 7

In between doing some decorating and some other jobs I’ve installed Windows 7, getting rid of the dreaded Vista. It’s not been too painful, helped by the Windows transfer tool, which copies across files and settings. It took about three hours to copy to hard disk and then about two to copy back to the PC, but most things worked. The only glitches were Outlook, where I needed to import  the pst file and iTunes. Considering that Apple make such a thing of user friendliness, reinstalling iTunes and then trying to copy across my iPhone library was not an easy task. In the end I found a programme to do it for me:  CopyTrans Control. I would advise anyone who uses iTunes and reinstalls, to get this programme as it saves a lot of angst. The other bit of advice is have plenty of hard disk space both on your PC and on a hard disk as using the Windows transfer tool takes a lot of space.


4 thoughts on “Windows 7”

  1. We needed a new computer last year. Having had a bad experience with a Vista laptop we called it a day with Windows and got a Mac. The transition has been painless and I’m pleased we did it. It’s good to see Windows 7 has a lot of the nice things OSX has, more people can now work with their computers rather than on them.

    1. I bought a Macbook to give Apple a go but my daughter took possession immediately. I still find the Mac OS a bit confusing as I’m so used to Windows. However, there are other reasons: 1) Windows does TV (Media Centre is really good) so much better than Apple, where it’s a not very good 3rd party app, 2) my mapping software is Tracklogs, which is Windows and there’s no Mac based stuff, 3) right click on the mouse, I don’t understand why Apple haven’t got this, it’s so useful.

      Hopefull W7 is more stable than Vista, which was very poor.

  2. LOL! Apple has got right click, don’t know when it started, I think perhaps when they moved to Intel. The new mouses (mice) have no buttons, they have a touch sensitive top surface like a laptop trackpad.

    I use Memory Map on my iMac, by running a program called Parallels which allows you to run a virtual version of Windows concurrent with OSX. Works perfectly, though the software wasn’t cheap.

    As for TV we got an Elgato EveTV tuner which works very well and has excellent software with it to set up series links etc, well worth looking at if you have a mac, turns the big screen into a big TV.

    From what I’ve seen of Windows 7 there seems to be a dock there, so it’ll feel a bit more Maclike perhaps, I switch between XP at work and OSX at home and after years of widows I still prefer the way OSX works, but that’s just personal preference.

    1. No right click on the Macbook! I tried the Elgato on the Macbook and it didn’t pick up all the TV stations, so I gave up. Media Centre is something that Microsoft have got right. Bootcamp is a bit clunky.

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