Fear of offence

I am fed up with political correctness and the speed with which parts of society seem to take offence at almost anything. What happened to a sense of proportion and a sense of humour? This story just about takes the biscuit. A bingo caller has been asked not to use “two fat ladies, 88” as a call. Give me strength! How can we fight back?



4 thoughts on “Fear of offence”

  1. Only an idiot would have given that advice. How can we fight back? Um… stop electing idiots to run councils? Could be nobody else is interested in the job, though.

  2. I once tendered for a project for a local authority and was astonished to be told that they didn’t have members of ‘staff’ but ‘perkins’. ‘Staff’ had ‘unfortunate’ male connotations., as had ‘member’.

    ‘Persons’ suffered similarly too.

    What staggers me is that we put up with this, yet we pay the w*nkers from our council taxes. We should kick out these incredibly stupid politicians and employ real people in the salaried positions.

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