Back to normal

OK, let’s forget macroeconomic theory and turn our thoughts turn to gear. Something I’ve been considering for a while is getting a Satmap Active 10. I’m not thinking of necessarily replacing paper maps but supplementing them. I like the idea of an instant navigational fix. I know you get this with a conventional GPS, but it’s a lot quicker seeing it pictorially than working out the grid reference on the map.

Two things have held me back. Firstly, it’s not cheap. Secondly, the technology is developing apace. I might see if there are some offers after Christmas as that might tip me into a purchase. At around £270, it’s hardly an impulse purchase. 1:50,000 coverage for the UK costs £176. Does anyone know about development plans at Satmap. Perhaps I should email them.

Total weight inc. batteries is 224g according to UOG. By way of comparison my Garmin Gecko 101 is 85g and my iPhone is 156g. The Satmap is no lightweight, although is robust and well featured. I suppose the other consideration is that most of the time I do a reasonable job of navigation. However, if I were going to somewhere like Dartmoor, where there are few features to navigate by, then it would be more tempting. Hmmm..I’ll have a think.

Other musings:

Now that it’s got colder, I’ve been using  my merino wool buff when walking the dog. I’m very impressed with it. It feels more cosy than either the microfibre or the fleece buff. The extra length also helps. I really like it, although I probably wouldn’t take it in summer. The other thing I’ve been using a lot for dog walks is my Aku NS564 boots. It’s a shame they stopped making them. They are really comfortable, although they are probably less appropriate than my Fastpackers for a long walk on hard surfaces. If they had slightly deeper tread and Ionmask treatment to make them more water resistent, they would be nearly perfect. Lastly, I’m expecting my Scarp 1 to arrive soon.



18 thoughts on “Back to normal”

  1. I have said this before. Spend that money on a map and compass training course. A cheep £100.00 GPS will give you your grid position if not sure. The map and compass does the rest. You walked miles in the moors and hills before they came to be available. I think the one you are looking at is good and don’t take me wrong if you have the money fare enough. But it is not needed. Invest in skills for the hills and a cheep GPS for the day you are not sure.

    1. I already have a basic GPS (Garmin Gecko 101). If I didn’t I might be more impulsive. I’m tempted to wait for the next iteration.

  2. I find using memory map with my iphone works great. Plots my position on an OS map when needed. Use paper map most of the time but comes in very useful for checking my position and no need for extra hardware. Might be suitable solution for you.

  3. Nope, there’s an app that loads map files from memory map onto the phone so no mobile data is needed and the GPS works without mobile signal.

    1. Didn’t know it had GPS. Have you got the 3G or 3GS? Forums seem to suggest it’s not always that accurate. The Satmap seems to work, even under trees.

      1. I’ve got a 3GS but the 3G has GPS too, the accuracy can be a bit off at first but it usually corrects itself after 10 seconds or so and is spot on then. It’s probably not as quick as the Satmap and if using it constantly the battery wouldn’t be good enough but is fine for occasional position check.

  4. From what i’ve heard the new unit from Memory map is worth a look.

    The NS564 is still in production but is a SMU product. we’ve (ardblair sport importers) have just had a production run delivered, mainly heading to the Hereford area!!

    1. SMU? I regret not trying the Icaro Plus before they stopped them. Looked like good cold/wet weather walking boots.

  5. I am hoping to get my Nokia N95 repaired soon. i feel naked without it in the wilds. The GPS function on it was really good!
    I like the Satmap but plead impoverishment!

  6. S.M.U. Special Make Up – basically there are minimum quantities to do a production run usually 300 pairs.

    We have 2 pairs of size 8 Icaro Plus left.

  7. Should have said above, have you looked at the Slope, my boot of choice now (and my wife has the ladies) at 525g (single size 8) it’s relatively light for a boot, if a bit retro in design.

    1. I don’t like the lacing configuration of the Slope. They don’t have a locking cleat. When I’ve had boots like that before they’ve not fitted well. Thanks for the offer of the Icaros, but I’m size 9.

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