A bit of fame!

I am quoted in Saturday’s Financial Times! Fame at last. Actually, I’ve been in the FT before but it’s still nice to get your name in print. I’m not sure whether you need to have a subscription, but you can try this link.

If you can’t, here’s the quote:

There are plenty of analysts who worry that the potential for further turmoil appears to have been forgotten.

Robin Evans, senior analyst at Macquarie Securities, says that this year’s market rally may have lulled investors into a false sense of security.

The “great moderation” – those two decades of low economic volatility – is what most of today’s investors are used to.

“The benign environment from the early 1990s to 2006 is unrepeatable,” Mr Evans says. “Monetary policy has no capacity to smooth shocks as it has in the past and the disinflationary influences of China, in particular, seem likely to wane or even possibly reverse. This suggests that the economic cycle could become more volatile and expansions shorter than they were in the ‘great moderation’.”

With increased volatility in the performance of the world’s economies, Mr Evans expects greater fluctuations in asset prices too.

“Although financial volatility can cause economic volatility, this is not always the case. However, economic volatility is always likely to cause asset market volatility as it fundamentally changes the expectations of economic agents.”

It’s probably gobbledygook to most of you but it’s clear to me!


10 thoughts on “A bit of fame!”

  1. So – If I have understood this right… The worthless pennies that I saved in my tin money box (as you can’t possibly trust the banks anymore) may be worth less than the tin the moneybox is made from?

    And then, the next day, the pennies could be worth more?

    Good grief – But I could be wrong? I usually am…

    Well done on the article fella.

  2. Very cool indeed! Confusing stuff, though, to a person unable even to balance a bank account *g*

    I had a letter in The Times a few years ago. That felt pretty smug-making, but your quote is considerably more impressive!

  3. Well done, but no why no mention of the best headtorch or sleeping bag mods?

    The best I’ve done is being quoted as an un-named “spokesman” in a housing trade magazine.

  4. Apologies if this seemed a bit self congtulatory, but I’m enjoying an Andy Warhol moment (15 minutes of fame). All I’m saying is that economies are likey to be unstable over the next decade or more because of the huge monetary and fiscal (tax) stimulus that has been applied to stop a depression. My advice is to stay prudent and don’t borrow more than you can afford.

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