I watched the Barbarians game yesterday on TV. A fantastic win even if it was an understrength All Blacks side. It was a shame there were no Englishmen involved. What it does show is that coaches should set the framework for play and let the players get on with it, unlike England who seem to play by numbers and are frightened to show any flair. However, if you really want to see how thrilling rugby can be, you can’t beat the 1973 Barbarians vs. NZ match. Just fantastic. Apart from the rugby, I love the haka. Almost like morris dancing! And performed to the crowd not to the opposition. 9 minutes of pure enjoyment.


2 thoughts on “Barbarians”

  1. Probably one of the best games of rugby ever played. I could watch that first try again and again. Amazing how fluid the rugby is – it hasn’t aged a bit.

    Thanks for posting!

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