More food options

I see Chris at Outdoors Grub is adding to his menu of food for backpackers with Backpacker’s Pantry and MX3 Adventure food. I’m grateful to Chris for stocking my favourite Real Turmat food. If you find RT food too expensive then you might want to try some of the other brands. BP seems to be vegetarian, while MX3 is from a French chef. Unfortunately I don’t like curry so that rules out most of the new ranges for me! I’ve had good experiences from Outdoors Grub and can recommend using them. It’s well worth supporting these niche retailers and they will continue to get my custom in the future.




3 thoughts on “More food options”

  1. I bought the entire range of Backpackers pantry meals as I am am veggie. Have only tried the Spag bol one so far which unfortunately was so unedible that I chose to go hungry rather than try and finish it (it was also heavy to carry out the following morning fully hydrated!). On the plus side the portion was huge and consistency was good, it just had a really odd flavour. I hope that the rest of the range is good as I have a stack of it at home!

  2. Oh dear! As most of the range revolves around curry, I’ve not bothered with them.

    I have a large stash of Real Turmat that should last a few trips. Yum 😉

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