Scarp dimensions

I think we are all getting quite excited about the new Scarp 1 mk2. Philip Werner on his blog has posted a review on the mk1. It really does look good. He mentions that the porch space is a bit small and that he wouldn’t cook in the porch. This motivated me to take a look at the dimensions of the Scarp 1 and compare it to the Laser Competition.

Once you convert the inches to centimetres, they are very similar in dimensions. The Scarp inner height is 99cm vs. 95cm for the LC. Length is 218cm for the Scarp and 220cm for the LC. The end height is 38cm for the Scarp and 40cm for the LC. The width of the inner tent for the Scarp is 81cm vs. 62/93cm for the LC.

Now the interesting bit, the porch width for the Scarp is 48cm, only marginally less than the LC. However, the Scarp tapers more than the LC so it is likely to be somewhat smaller, but you get two. The important thing for me, though is that it should be possible to cook in the porch. I should be able to use my Team IO porch ground sheet as well. I really like the prospect of two porches for storage and to cope with changes in wind direction.

The other thing I noticed is that it looks like a really strong tent. I’ve ordered the cross over poles as well. I have high hopes that this might be THE tent. I hope I’m not disappointed.

Just a quick update on the ankle. I had been making such good progress until today. It was nearly back to normal, but it was a bit uncomfortable today. I guess it will take a bit more time. I think I need to sort out some exercises.


11 thoughts on “Scarp dimensions”

  1. The Scarp porches taper back just like an Akto. I have cooked in the porch OK. Chris Townsend mentioned using a tent peg to hold back the inner to create a large porch in poor weather to cook. Old trick I used with the Laser which has a 40cm porch depth compared to the Comp at 50cm. There is a photo on BPL which I posted a long time ago showing that. The two porches means most time one is sheltered from the wind and rain so cooking is safe with the porch open anyway.

    The inner width of 81 cm is superb as it is the whole length unlike the Laser Comp which has that inner tapering in from the widest point. I found the inner on the Scarp huge and the bathtub floor comes up very high at 5in unlike the Comp which is not very high. In fact the Comps is basic. The whole seam sealing issue is not that hard once you realise you dilute the sealer 3 to 1 and seam seal the outer seams as that is wear the rain falls on. Misting could happen as it has a lower hydrostatic head but I had it out on the first night I used it and it was awful weather and the tent was rock solid and the only leak was through the top vent which is now redesigned. I think the Cross Over Poles are a must and make it the Akto slayer. More room, more stable, and it is easy to pitch once you get it sussed.

  2. I just want to say that I am paranoid about cooking under any tent vestibule, so take my remarks about the Scarp’s vestibule with a grain of salt. Of course, make sure you are very careful with an open flame near silnylon and that you ventilate well to avoid suffocating due to carbon.

  3. I just want to say that I am paranoid about cooking under any tent vestibule, so take my remarks about the Scarp’s vestibule with a grain of salt. Of course, make sure you are very careful with an open flame near silnylon and that you ventilate well to avoid suffocating due to carbon monoxide,

  4. Lots of useful advice Martin, and I noticed on Philip’s post that seam sealing is suggested. I didnt bother to do this with my other Golite shelters, so I’ll see how it goes with the Scarp 1.

    On the subject of cooking in the porch I guess I’ll have to wait and see how much space and clearance there is. If you use trekking poles there may be a way of using one to create a canopy – something to play around with in the garden, me thinks 🙂

  5. Guess you could also think about using a remote canister stove, which would give you more headroom (roughly the height of the canister) and a good bit more stablity/safety too – at the expense of some weight. It might also be practical to (partially) unclip the inner to give you a bit more space temporarily.

  6. consider my appetite whetted Robin re the scarp and a great comparison of the dimensions to paint the picture for us….

    It really could be “the one”


  7. I reckon your right with the canister feet Robin, Stable is safe. Baz Franco posted lots stuff with trekking poles and the Scarp. On BPL somewhere. I must admit I was alarmed at the carbon monoxide levels of my Eta solo as reveled by the master of stoves Roger at

  8. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the Scarp, I’m surprised that the porches are smaller than the Laser Comp as they look quite roomy. A side by side photo would be useful if you get the opportunity 🙂

    If I had one I’d probably mod the inner to slide back like I have on my Phreeranger. The inner on the scarp is approx 810mm wide and a regular sleeping mat is 510mm so you could easily increase the porch temporarily by up to 300mm, that would give you a maximum porch width of 780mm (if I’ve calculated correctly)

    1. The porch is only slightly narrower than the Comp but tapers more. I think it will be more than big enough to cook in.

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