Done and dusted

Just ordered the new Scarp 1 from Henry Shires. It just had to be done even though it’ll be months before I can use it. I don’t know how long it will be before it arrives but I can enjoy the anticipation!

On a different matter, I used my modified Macpac Matrix jacket today for dog walking (mesh vent covered by pertex patches) and it seems to have solved the problem of excessive underarm ventilation. I’m quite excited by this jacket now as it’s like a Paramo jacket but half the weight (c.380g).

Lastly, sad to hear about the floods in Cumbria and the drowning of a policeman. Makes me think how lucky I was with the weather for the walk I did, considering how awful the weather has been in the North West recently.



6 thoughts on “Done and dusted”

  1. Hi Robin,I guess that there will be quite a few folks ordering the Scarp 1.Just out of interest,have you also ordered the 2 crossover poles?

  2. I’ve thought of one potential mod alraedy! Don’t suppose I’ll be out in the hills until March/April though.

  3. I’m also looking forward to your review on the Scarp 1.The idea of two porches sounds great-one for storing gear and the other for cooking in.However,I just wonder how big they are and how practical they will be in use.

  4. Philip Werner over at has posted stuff on the MK1 version of the Scarp 1.

    I ordered mine about two weeks ago and I was told I might be lucky to get it for Xmas! I just might be able to force myself out for a few days to give it a try 🙂

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